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  1. Wow, it's been a while since I've posted here!   I just worked with a team of developers on a ludum dare project. Here is a link to the original soundtrack: https://soundcloud.com/jbellstudios/ascending-roots-ludum-dare-34-soundtrack   Feedback is welcome (and requested)!    
  2. BellJ

    Feedback on ludum dare soundtrack?

    Thanks for the response CCH and for the advice! Yeah, my piano sound (The Giant from Kontakt) is lacking a bit. I'll look into ways of making it more realistic.
  3. I couldn't find a help thread so sorry if this is in the wrong spot!   For some reason, I'm unable to give myself an avatar. I'll press change, it'll bring up the avatar window, I'll select my file and it uploads, but the image doesn't show up in the crop area, and when I click done my avatar stays empty. I also tried this with a jpg instead of a png and it didn't work. Any ideas?   Also, is it possible to reduce the amount of time an ad is up? I understand that you can't increase the time, but if I know that i will no longer need the add after a certain point, can I set the timing on the add so it ends then? I don't want to clutter the classifieds with outdated posts.   Thanks!    
  4. Due to the fact that everything you just said made no sense to me, I could definitely go for a sound design article. I might even suggest making video tutorials so that you can really go in-depth. 
  5. So  saw the sticky about not asking vague questions about how music would fit into videogames so I'll try be specific. There's a game called Tagpro (http://tagpro.gg/). It's free and every once in a while they ask for original music (for free). I decided to write a track for it.   Here's the link to the track: https://soundcloud.com/jbellstudios/battle-of-the-spheres   Do you think it fits well with the game?  Is the volume at the right level or does it have to be compressed/limited more? Are there any mixing issues?   It is loopable so I've got that going for me.   Thanks for any feedback!
  6. Hey thanks for the feedback! Yeah it is a bit muffled, and the synth's pretty loud. I might want to EQ a bit more of the bass out of the mix as well.   I'll see if I can find anything to give you feedback! The piece sounds really awesome and it does sound ironically epic haha. Also, what sample libraries are you using? They sound really nice. The brass is a bit overpowering at times but that might be what you were going for. Also, it sounds like some parts are a bit off rhythmically. Did you make sure to quantize everything? For example, at 1:16 when you're contrasting between the brass and soft harp, it sounds like things are coming in early. Other than that, I think it sounds like it would fit really well in a hell's kitchen game (if that's what it's for).
  7. OK thanks for all of the advice and feedback! 
  8. Thanks for the help! Yeah it's a bit muddy in the bass so I'll cut out some of the lower frequencies and turn down the brass synth. Should I compress some of the instruments a bit more or is the volume good? Thanks again!
  9. BellJ

    State of the industry

    I was probably overexagerrating my boss's hatred of loops. I wasn't saying loops are bad at all. I am talking about a few specific set of loops (omnisphere, trillian, stylus and such). These are very high quality loops, and they are found everywhere. However, the company I work for is a fairly recent startup, and they are competing with GIGANTIC stock music libraries like APM and Warner/Chapell. He just really wants our music to sound different than the rest of the industry, because we can't compete with the amount of music they're making. As long as he doesn't easily recognize the loop, its fine. We often play around with effects and rhythms to disguise them.   Then again, I completely forgot that game music is completely different than stock music, so I'm not sure how it works for games (though I hope to!)   Nicholassinger, regarding orchestral recordings: It's EXTREMELY rare to get a full orchestral recording of pieces for most music projects. Multitracking a few live instruments is a more common way to record.     This is by far the most cost effective way to do it. Especially when you can disguise sample instruments when they're mixed with live instruments.   Anyways, I have no hatred towards loops whatsoever. It's just a few loop libraries that are very overused that our boss isn't fond of.
  10. BellJ

    State of the industry

    Speaking of Omnisphere and the like, I work for a stock music library (not the cheap royalty free kind for chumps). Our boss can recognize almost any sample from omnisphere, trillian, stylus, and superior drummer. If he hears one sample, he immediately rejects the piece because the sounds are so overused in production music. I've heard heard music that literally uses raw garageband loops with no editing whatsoever. Hopefully people know the difference between good music and layered loops.
  11. Hi everyone, I've never written a game score. I've written a few animated short scores (as exersices more than anything), but never anything for games. I was wondering excactly how the music is adapted to the game. For example, when something happens in a game, which cues music, is it the job of the composer to manage this, or do they just make the music and someone else edits it into the game? Also, is all of the video game soundtrack looped, or are there points without looped soundtracks? Sorry for the confusing (yet basic) questions. Thanks! Jeremy
  12. Yeah that's what I thought. I was just curious to get into the game scoring industry. I guess gamedev and indiegamer are a good place to start!
  13. Thanks for all the replies! Yeah, it'll be interesting to interact with non musical gamemakers. Especially if they suggest Adagio for Strings for a happy scene! So would you say, compared to film music which is often the last thing that's added to the movie, that a game composer is more involved during the actual production of the game? And, regarding event based music, is that growing in popularity or diminishing?
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