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  1. Hey guys, So I live in the UK and I have just finished my A Levels. Unfortunately due to being severely injured near the end of the first year and having problems for about a year with that, I missed most of school for the second year of A Level. I was doing maths, computer science and business.   Because of missing so much college, I completely failed maths as I didn't know a lot of techniques and I only managed to scrape a pass in business because it isn't too hard of a subject. In computer science however I got an A because I just know a lot about computers and programming comes easy to me.   I have always wanted to become a programmer in the games industry but I will never be able to do a computer science degree with only 2 A Levels especially with one of them just scraping a pass.   So is there things I can do to still be able to get a job as a programmer in the games industry?
  2. Hey Guys,   So I have been developing a video game and I have invested a lot of money into it (I have a lot of concept art, a full soundtrack built, about a quarter of the 3d models I need and I have been programming some gameplay).   However, I have ran out of money and I would like to know how to raise funds.   I would go with Kickstarter but I am not sure I can provide items in return as we are low on money.   So can I get in touch with a publisher to fund the game or would I have to go down the kickstarter route?   Thanks, Jacob
  3. I have had an idea for a video game designed around narrative. I don't have any experience in the field in the past so teams won't just let me onboard. Because of this, I would like to write the script first and then show it to a team and find someone who would take the script and turn it into a game (I dont want any payment for it).   I have been developing an idea writing notes for the last 3 months and I am ready to start writing the actual script for the game. If I write the script, then where can I show it to see if a team would like to take the script off me for a game?   Thanks in advance
  4. Do you connect to a server with all the game code so you can edit it? How does it all work so you develop the game from home with others? I am wondering as my friend is looking for a job as a developer but he doesn't know how it works
  5. I am currently 14 years old. When I finish education and get a job, I am hoping to get into game development. I have already started to work towards this dream. One day a couple of years ago when I got home from school, I thought 'let's learn to make a game'. I downloaded Unity and Blender (both free tools) and sat down most nights on my laptop learning. This has brought me far in game development and I now know how to do a lot more and have nearly finished a small basic game. It's a small survival game where you are trying to survive on a small island with pirates. It is a thirsty person game and there are currently 3 weapons. One you start with and two you can craft. It has a basic drag and drop inventory system. At school I am one of the best in my year at maths and I am doing computer science and I.T. I am also doing triple science. My skills: - really good at maths - Best in my year at I.T. - Basic modelling in Blender (I won't be a modeller :D) - can code gameplay features in JAVA - Can make and design levels using Unity - can code small gameplay features in C++ - basic AI - Can test and find bugs in games 1.) Do you think I could have a future in the games industry? 2.) What job in the games industry will I be best at? 3.) What qualifications do you need to be a games developer? 4.) what skills do you need to be a games developer? 5.) How old do you have to be to work in the games industry? Thanks In advance
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