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  1. Did anyone try out Rocking Soccer already?   Rocking Soccer is an innovative new football manager game that you can play for free using just your internet browser. The first non-beta version has recently been released and we're now looking for players to give it a try. In Rocking Soccer you manage your own football team in one of the 214 countries. Each country has a league and cup tournament and, as in real life, each continent has a champions league.    You expand your club's facilities, like the stadium, training complex and youth center. You train your players, decide your line-up and watch your matches in our unique 2D match player.   It's pretty easy to get started on, and with one match every day or two days it won't take very much time, yet is a little faster than some of the other manager games. Rocking Soccer distinguishes itself from other football managers by having an enjoyable realistic match engine and by paying attention to realistic details in how the rules and competitions are in real life. If you want to check it out you can still be among the best managers and compete on equal terms in the top leagues.   [URL=""]Rocking Soccer Football Manager Game[/URL]   See you! PLAY FOR YOU COUNTRY!!!
  2. Europe 1300 - released & "postmortem"

    This is a great game!