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    Looking for some further input

    Ok thank you, I am simply trying to bring in some affiliate credit so that i can get web hosting and stuff paid for. I thought it was game design because I was going to design my game around the response i got.
  2. Wargog

    Looking for some further input

      I think I see where you need input.   I never said I am asking you to look at my signature, if you don't want to use my affiliate link that's your choice, you don't have to make a point that i am asking people to use it. That is my signature and if you don't want to give me real input to what i am asking then politely remove thyself. Thank you.
  3. Wargog

    Looking for some further input

    Well that's just it, I am asking for some input so i can mold my engine to have features to fit the game that people would like the best. My idea was for a CoOp 1v3 shooter about escaping from a hostage situation. I did have a game in mind, but i am out to find out if there are some better idea than the one I hd, the engine is gbeing created for a 3D game and it is going to be some sort of FPS. I get now that I wasn't specific enough, sorry.
  4. At this stage in development where the engine is in it's fledgling stage I can pretty much mold my game into anything I want. I have an idea that I think is pretty good and would sell in a heartbeat but I'm looking for some more community input on it. So that I can design my engine accordingly. What type of game would you guys like to see and what genres do you think are not made into enough games but should be?   Thanks for your input, Josh.
  5. Wargog

    How many develop cross platform?

    I have to say, after developing in C based languages for a while and using Xamarin studio, I don't think I will ever develop cross platform, their program just makes it so hard to do anything without paying for it.
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