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  1. I know you can use the winapi etc for this. I were only curious if you could use the same approach (opengl, glReadPixels) to read other applications. Its easier for the cheat to detected/trace winap call.
  2. I'm just curious, is this possible to use to read a pixels from another application. (Even if they use another rendering API) Lets say if you do an anticheat program, read the pixels and send the data to the server?
  3. Simon Johansson

    Tower defence - Static Vs Dynamic building

    I dont think its a problem if its unbalanced. I just see it as a different challange. If you let the players chooce you will cover more people and probebly more people will play it.   Lets say you can pick normal, hard, expert and so on. Normal spawn, fast spawn, ultra fast spawn..... Normal building, fast building,... Workers "can die/ can not" etc etc   Hardcore TD lovers might want it superfast and stressful "newbies" maybe want it slow to learn etc. Soory for my bad english tho :)
  4. Simon Johansson

    Tower defence - Static Vs Dynamic building

    I think this concept sounds interesting but I would like to have an option to choose from. Maybe have the possibility to choose some kind of "mods" or something.
  5. Simon Johansson

    OpenGL glTexCoordPointer with two or more texutures

    What is the reason for three textures and not an atlas?
  6. Want kind of racing games are we talking about? I would go for anything over Unity tbh :D
  7. Simon Johansson

    Particle "Engine"

    Hi folks,   I have been starting a new hobby project/game just for fun and to try out some new things. Iam writing in C++/OpenGL. The main thing i wanna try to add to this game is more dynamic/random playstyle.   So iam about to start the Particle "Engine" and before i do that i have a couple questions.   1. I want it to be using the GPU for update, creating, "deleting" etc, is it gonna work if i want a more dynamic system?   2. Do anyone know a good pattern or approach to build a more dynamic kind of particle system?     Maybe someone already have a good article/tutorial about this?   3. How about collisions?   Maybe an example of what i have i mind: The user have a basic spell called "Magic Ball" The user can then add an element to this basic spell, lets say fire, then this gonna be a "Fire Ball" Later on the user finds a "Basic hit effect" spell and then add it to this "Fire Ball". The user can then add some kind of "Hit effect" like, stun, slow, chain lightning etc etc.   And i want this on the enemies aswell.   I was thinking about some kind of entity-component approach?   And sorry for my terrible english :)   Thanks!                                  
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