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  1. Hello hplus0603,   Thanks for the recommendation, greatly appreciated. I've looked up InterServer and ServerBeach, and have contacted their support for some technical specifications on their hardware as well as their network partners. I've never had experience with Intel Atom based servers since my perception of them were for lower tier needs, such as web hosting and small business applications; however, I'll do a little bit of research to see if it can handle multiple instances of our game servers. Our test results on a 4 core Nehalem server was decent, and could quite easily handle about 20-25 instances of our game server, which supports about 40-50 players.   We are still experimenting with different types of services and hardware setup, thus all of this is great information. Thanks again for the suggestion.
  2. Johan Yang

    Hosting a game server

    Hello Roldak, I would try a VDS/VPS solution if your needs are to only run a simple executable on the server. I'm not sure it's worth your time to build your server through Google App Engine, so I wouldn't recommend it.  I've had luck recently with VDS/VPS solutions so perhaps you may find it suitable for your project also.
  3. Johan Yang

    Hosting a game server

    Hi Roldak, have you had any luck with your server setup? We are in similar situation where we need to run a simple executable on a dedicated host for our game. If you happen to find a solution, could you recommend it to us?
  4. Hello Ashaman, thanks for your suggestion. We hadn't thought of Amazon, our first gut feeling was to try dedicated game service providers. Have you had any experience with any? Most of them do offer games like DayZ, Counter-Strike, Chivalry server slots. But that whole business model and getting on those services are still new to us, so we aren't sure which solution to try.
  5. Hello Ashaman, I apologize if you think that was my intention. Most forums rules do not allow external links, and I didn't want to make it look like I'm advertising our game, hence I didn't put any referral links. Our intention is really hoping to gain some knowledge in this aspect, as this is our first multiplayer game. We've been developing this game for quite some time (there's only 5 of us) and I don't usually make posts online for help, usually we try to get help from our game development peers.    *removed link since I posted the link above   Regards, Johan
  6. *update* We've decided to went with VDS/VPS service providers and so far it has been great. Our needs were simple since we only needed to run a simple executable on the VDS and we had our server up and running in less than 30 minutes. Anyone who's interested, or is in similar situation feel free to contact me, I hope I can be of help.    Hello everyone, this is Johan, one of the developers on an indie first person shooter game called "Wickland", a game made for PC Gamers. Our game is heavily inspired by old school shooters of the 90's.   We are reaching out to people who may be interested in helping us in regards to launching public servers. We're looking for networking gurus that can point us to the right direction, and recommend types of services that may suit our needs. The beta version of the game is available to anyone who would like to try it out. We have been developing this game on the Unreal Engine 3 (UDK), and launching servers has been a road block for us, as we aren't sure which service providers will be suitable to our needs.   Our game can be found here: www.madramsoftware.com/wickland   *edit* I hope we're not being misunderstood of advertisement, so I went ahead and added a link to our website for the game.   We've recently uploaded a beta game trailer up on youtube if anyone is interested to see what the gameplay is like.
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