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  1. MrAkroMenToS

    Do you show damage blocked and "zero" damage?

    Thanks to both @Jon Bon and @TerraSkilll for the ideas, I quickly tried it out how it felt to see the zeros when you took no damage, and it is great, I immediately know that something is happening (and I think the blocking solution that Jon mentioned will work great as well). EDIT: Using icons is an even better idea, thank you!
  2. MrAkroMenToS

    Do you show damage blocked and "zero" damage?

    It is for a card game, I edited the OP, sorry I should have clarified it in the beginning. Negative numbers were so natural to me (and to my small group of testers friends it seems) that they were being bad haven't even occurred to me, but thinking about it, it makes so much sense! Do you have any solution to showing blocks, or are they just not important, the players will know?
  3. Hey guys! When getting damaged (or healed) there is usually a number that pops up or floats away showing the amount of damage you took (the heal you received). If you have shield mechanic, there is a number that says how much of your shield you lost and how much damage you took afterward. How would you go about designing feedback when you just flat out block the damage or some amount from it. Here is an example: You have 1 "block" and you take 1 damage, what should happen? Does a "-0" number pop up, because you took 0 damage or there should be no popup at all, because you blocked it or should there also be something to show the 1 damage blocked? Another example where you take 2 damage: Now the "-1" popup seems reasonable, but again there is the question of showing the blocked amount. If the player sees 3 damage coming should they be expected to calculate in their head that they took 2 damage because they had 1 "block", or should the game tell them that. One approach is (what I believe dota2 does with blocks) to show the amount blocked simultaneously with the damage popup, so there will be 2 numbers appearing at the same time (but there is still the 0 damage question). PS.: My question is more about dealing with small numbers (0-10) PS2.: The reason I'm asking this is because I am making an online CCG.
  4. How can i open ports dinamically? The router blocks the connections. Only the ports, i allow works in the router's settings
  5. If player A wants to join to an instance i have to create a new map for player A's group, so they can enter to the instance. If player B eants to join to the same intance, i hate to create an other map for the instance. I could create 500ports for the intances and say, if these are full, sorry the server is busy you cannot join to an instance, please try again a few minutes later.
  6. I think, because i cannot open a port each time I add a new map. I want to make separate " servers" for dungeons as well and I cannot open as much port as I have to. Is it a good idea then to make a gateway server for the worldserver communication.
  7. Thank you!   I will make a login server, and a ton of world servers (for each maps). The problem is, if i have 10-20 maps, I will have to open 10-20 +1 port on the server computer.     I have a login server (port example: 4040). After I logged in, I will tell the client, hey, you logged in, please move to port: 7007 (world gateway). There will be a server side switch to control the datas to the multiple world servers.   What do you think? which one would be better?
  8. Hi! I am working on a kind of MMORPG server-client system, just for fun and to learn things. I use c# console for server and Unity for the client (script in c#). I have a basic idea and i would like to ask you guys to over-watch it and correct it. After my ideas, which are done and i'm quite sure about it I will put a "//DONE", the rest will be "//WORKING ON AND NOT SURE"     So, I make a Socket server for the world and for the login //DONE the two servers have two ports //DONE I handle the incoming connection in login server, check the PW and USERNAME, //DONE    if it's correct I move to the character select screen and the character creation screen in the client, //DONE      handling the selection and the creation in the server //DONE      if the character get selected the login server will pass the data to the world server and the game starts //WORKING ON AND NOT SURE    if it's not i alert the client about it. //DONE   On the client side, I have a static client Object. I connect, i handle the errors //DONE I can login, select the character, create new one //DONE i want to move to the GAME scene, but i don't know how. //WORKING ON AND NOT SURE --> this is where i stuck. Should I make my client to connect to an other PORT (the world port) when the game scene appears?   Guys, i need your help! If anything with my idea is bad please let me know it. I appreciate your time! Thanks for the answers!   ~MrAkroMenToS   PS.: I'd like to apologies cause my english. If something is not clear, please let me know and i will make it clear!
  9. MrAkroMenToS

    3D game like Metin2

    Thanks for your long post, I really appreciate it. But, I think Unity is too good for me. I don't want to use an engine like a that for my game (and there is licensing problem as well, I don't have money for the full license). I am thinking to make my game with SharpDX or SlimDX. I will check one more time in Unity with your information. Thanks! Regards MrAkroMenToS
  10. MrAkroMenToS

    3D game like Metin2

    By game like Metin2, i meant the structure. In Unity i cannot figure out, how can i make the patcher system (the game updater). For the beginning I would like to create a game, where you can log in, you have an inventory you can hit the other players with your hand or with a weapon (sword, bow, dagger). In Unity you cannot create patch files. You cannot say that: OK Unity you have to create 5 decrypted asset files: weapons, terrain, monsters, player, item If the game developer makes a change in the item asset file you have to download that asset and (with the same exe) you have to run the game.   Secondly I would like to create a client which I can edit without rebuilding the game again and again.
  11. MrAkroMenToS

    3D game like Metin2

    Hello guys! I made a game with Unity and c#. Unity has a lot of feature what are not necessary for me. I would like to make a game like Metin2 (by that I mean the game structure), the pack system. With Unity i think it is not possible. I am stuck. I don't know which would be the best programming solution for my problem. I know programming in c#. My server side is in c# console. I would like to make a client for that. Unity is not good for me. What do you recommend me? Should i start to make it in python or in java? I heard about SlimDX (or something similar) it is a DX framework for c#. Thanks for the answers! Bye!
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