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  1. ...vault hunting. Every time. Vault hunting.
  2. Scotty Khan

    Debugging - "Follow The Data"

    Great piece. Speaking from very recent personal experience, marking variables as public can be immensely useful as well if you're working in an engine with an editor. God knows how many hours of frustration "clicking the eye" on some things (Unreal junkie here) and watching the details panel saved me this weekend. Knowing your expected output at each major step in your logic can be your saving grace.
  3. Scotty Khan

    Unreal Engine 4

    The Learn tab on the launcher is a fantastic place to start.
  4. Scotty Khan

    MMO Gap issue

    If you really get down to brass tacks, the "killer" style of gameplay is kind of incompatible with the MMO genre anyway. Approaching a long-running game with as a player focused on very short term and impermanent goals seems like a recipe for disappointment. That's not to say that MMO devs should not be consideting this audience, or that some accommodations should not be made for them; just that giving that sector too much weight in design decisions probably isn't wise. I would contend that this is a big problem with, in particular, WoW's philosophy, and that it has poisoned the player well to an extent. Blizzard's unwillingness accept the depth of the disparity between PvE and PvP has plagued them for years, and has been a major contributor to the discontent a lot of their playerbase feels. Look back to what they did right in the beginning to make the game so popular. Be willing to look at MMO norms and ask yourself if they are the best way to do things, or just the familiar way. Don't be afraid to rattle cages that need rattling, but mind that you don't fall into a "witch hunt" mentality.
  5. Scotty Khan

    MMO Gap issue

    WoW is taking long-overdue steps to minimize the gap between old and new/returning players. With the expansion later this year, they're allowing new players to jump to more recent and relevant content without the long level grind. It won't be long before this is extended to a full mentoring system like those that several quicker-responding games already feature. So while yes, level systems are the norm at present, they are starting to show serious wear. I wouldn't count on them being the norm too much longer.
  6. Scotty Khan

    MMO Gap issue

    This is a topic very near and dear to my heart. What I've found in my mullings and musings is that this is a problem inherent to "level" as it had historically been implemented. Sure, it can simplify calculations, but I'd argue for it being the biggest factor in the switch between the growth and maintenance portions of the MMO life cycle, and it can make that switch for you if you don't plan ahead very carefully. The solution I've been contemplating is just not having a typical level system, or at least keeping it behind the curtain, rather than putting it in front of the player as THE carrot to chase. Consider having more avenues for meaningful horizontal progression that present themselves early to help de-emphasize vertical progression and you may find yourself forced to compete with inflation less often.
  7. Scotty Khan

    "Focused" learning resources

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated.   Do either of you have any experience with (http://www.amazon.com/The-Players-Guide-RB-Whitaker/dp/0985580100/ref=pd_cp_b_1)? It comes very highly recommended by Amazon, and the price looks about right.
  8. Scotty Khan

    Good step-by-step development tutorials/books

      This is the exact problem I'm running into. I'm to a point where I can recognize someone's patterns, but they're still mum as to methodology.   I've been really hurting for guides that stop and explain the programming equivalents of "hey, if you're microwaving food, arrange it around the edges of the plate so it heats more evenly," or "yeah, you could drive that screw into the wall with a hammer, OR you could use a screwdriver because it works WITH the screw."
  9. Hey folks. I'm looking for any recommendations people have for what I'd call more "focused" learning.   What I mean by that is I'm not exactly new to programming (not a lot of time spent, but I pick up on patterns and routines very quickly), and I'm looking for resources that spend more time on "why" than "how," particularly in the context of game programming. I should probably note that my language of choice is C#, too, but I feel like rationale is likely to be pretty universal.   Anyone have any particular favorites or honorable mentions for this kind of thing?
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