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  1. madmanwithanaxe

    Intersting Game Idea

    Thank you Gian-Reto I appreciate the honesty and am planning to create a very basic combat ands physics game demo to show off the potential.
  2. madmanwithanaxe

    Intersting Game Idea

    I am planning on using the free version of unity to create a small version of my idea and plan to kickstart it and assemble a team to create a bigger version. 
  3. madmanwithanaxe

    Intersting Game Idea

    I have come up with a title                                                                     The "Hero(ish)"
  4. madmanwithanaxe

    Intersting Game Idea

    I am looking for advice whether I should learn to code or assemble a team or if I should kickstart it or if I should scrap the project. And also what I should make it with I am planning on using the free unity to make a small version of this game and if it is popular assemble a team who will help it become a full proper game instead of being an indie game.
  5. madmanwithanaxe

    Intersting Game Idea

     I have had a good idea (which Is rare for me) of a game where you play as a "vigilante" who is a modern Street runner who believes he can make the world a better place so he decides to take out the small gun market so he starts to take out gangs and the player can choose to tackle as little or as many enemies he wants and after he knocks out the enemies he can either take their guns or disassemble or break their guns depending on what option he choses the player will get the choice to create themselves a new weapon for example if the player were to get 6 pistol barrels and a gas canister the player could create a air gun or something along that lines. Also I would like my game to be first person.   I have had no experience making a game and cannot code.   I would like this to be a little indie project or possibly a large game and would fully enjoy you honest opinions.   Thank You for reading this.
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