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    Designing the Story

    I'm an artist who have ended up more or less as a programmer. Right now I'm in the process of developing an isometric RPG tile editor. But being an artist I find story writing quite interesting. I am trying to make the editor as usefull as possible ie. so it can be used for other types of isometric games, not only RPGs (maybe action/puzzle or adventure games). All I got right now is a pretty cool looking tile editor with shadow casting and things like that (no scripting yet though, I'm working on that).. As soon as I'm done with the editor I will go into the game design of the RPG that I hope to make :)
  2. Herr_O

    Designing the Story

    You should be getting more comments! :P I'm reading and I find this to be usefull stuff. I've not begun to write any story yet because I don't know what type of genre my RPG will be. I'm saving this for later use. I liked your description of RPGs, a rat-lab test :) a bit simplified but quite accurate :D
  3. Herr_O

    Gameplay Genre Characteristics

    I find this enough, but then again.. I am also makeing an SP-RPG, it's up to you ;)
  4. Ah, I found this to be very interesting! I am sure this will help a lot when I am designing the story for my singleplayer rpg. Do write more! can't wait :)
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