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    How does game engine logic work?

    true, but then again i asked about this specific(and small compared to all those major areas) core subset of dealing with graphics + game logic objects. i guess you could say that if i don't figure out this myself now, i will keep returning asking about other subsets of teh game engine... this was the one that is actually giving me a hard time compare to others which can be forced down with time and research, i just thought it'd be a good idea to ask people who presumably have done this many many times. that is sad. while i realise it won't be a day, a week, a month, or even a year.. i don't believe it should be 10-20 years... whatever the case i guess i have no time to waste and should go practise then. thanks fob. if anyone has anything to add, know that i am fanatically watching this thread.
  2. InfoGeek

    How does game engine logic work?

    surely there should be some tutorials and guides that are well received and / or regarded? you make it sound like this is some arcane area that isn't as well covered as everything else. what is the reason behind you not refering to any free online resources, do people deal with this area the old academic book and paper way and it has been done so up until these times? is the material so complex that only few can cover it? do catfish overlords manipulate people into behaving this way from their deep ocean kingdoms?
  3. InfoGeek

    How does game engine logic work?

    i'm sorry i wasn't clear enough. it's hard to get across a point that i need only very basic stuff at the moment, yet it will be used or built upon in a larger scope. books have never worked well for me as i tend to dissect information from online. if you know of any, could you link to resources online keeping in mind the specific part of the game engine i asked about in the post?   it is an interesting picture, but it doesn't help as much as i would have hoped. it just lists the numerous modules that are used in teh overall engine. many of them are not relevant at the moment and / or i should know how to deal with. it is the [graphics + game logic + physics] that i am worried out getting right. although my question is about [graphics + game logic] i assume that [physics + networking] is also interwined in there to modify those vertices at the end of the day. so if i could get a mockup / template of the design focused on my original question, general relating resources or design advice that would be nice.
  4. InfoGeek

    How does game engine logic work?

      thank you for your advice. while i do believe that i need more experience and when i have dived in more hands on some aspect will become apparaent. i disagree that this is a generally good way of doing things in teh long run. it can take years... tens of years to build something decent using this approach. yes it is an iterative approach which means you continuously improve, but it is too slow and we are all aware of multi-million sofware engineering projects that burned out all their budject and failed because the maintainability and design were flawed to begin with.   rather than figuring out how to bypass a wall by beating my head against it, maybe i should do some research to build on solid theory that has been developed over the years by many people. i am sure you are talking from experience, or perhaps giving me advice to build a fun little project, but my intention are beyond a fun little project. by all means i could be wrong and open to critisism.
  5. hi guys   i've been learning about d3d11 for a while by following tutorials now. and i am at the point wehre i want to convert all the prototype stuff i put while learning to a super basic game engine(just the structure and basic draw calls etc... no sound, no special effect, no physics, no fancy stuff.).   the problem is i can't figure out a way to lay the design / logic correctly as to my understanding there are two thigns that contradict. i have a game class that should supposedly run game code and contains a graphics class object that would contain the graphics objects... wait what??? so if you have a player "bob" and "monster1" how would they be layed out? would they be graphic objects with pure graphical stuff(geometry, indecies, shaders, constant buffers, graphics methods) or would they be game objects(movement actions, health etc,) if one or other then how should the game class and the graphics class interact in a cleanly way since all the graohical stuff must be affected by game logic?   any helpful comments, resources or even an answer to the question... i take it all with open arms.    thanks.
  6. exactly what i want to know...   i can't show you but i can tell you i have been putting it all around the place... in the main.cpp before absolutely any includes(including system includes), after... in .cpp and in .h files, nothing works.   this  
  7. yes, but the point is DDSTextureLoader needs to use the correct version, and if it does it lets the program launch without the error. there is no point in testing those function versions manually. the problem is getting the define through.
  8. i couldn't care less about the createfile... i need the define to work for the DDSTextureLoader and it doesn't.
  9. in my case thre is no need to test with that code, because if everything works it will laumch without the error shown in post #5. and... it doesn't.
  10. i am guessing all that mumbo-jambo with preprocessor #if #else #endif is simply to simply test the definition before it works? because it screams about undefined stuff after the #else. and the definition alone does not work like i said in the earlier post. also 0x600 means Windows Vista as stated in link from earlier post, again.
  11. i tried defining  _WIN32_WINNT=0x0601 under Configuration Properties>C/C++>Proporcessor   as said here -> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3000231/d-win32-winnt-compiler-warning-with-boost         i am not sure but i think that works because i don't get errors and it compiles and launches. i cannot say if it works correctly because i have yet to configure lots of stuff to make the skymap work.   howerver, i really don't like it being under some field as an option in some menu tab. i would much prefer it being a simple  #define _WIN32_WINNT 0x0601 why does that not work? is there another way?
  12. i have no idea... i tried using: #define WINVER 0x0601 #define _WIN32_WINNT 0x0601 all around the place with nothing happening...   https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa383745.aspx http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23854692/incorrect-sdk-os-version https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/6sehtctf.aspx   i'll wait for you in hopes you know how to make this work.
  13.   thanks for the tip. it seems i have already tried it while randomly trying all combinations...       this appears when using the i am using: DirectX::CreateDDSTextureFromFile(d3dDevice, L"poop/texture/skymap.dds", &skymaptexture, &skymapSRV); i am using windows7 and visual studio ultimate 2013 and i think it uses windows sdk 8 or 8.1   any idea why it doesn't work?
  14.   i am just using: DirectX::CreateWICTextureFromFile(d3d->device, texture_file, 0, &texture); to load texture it works fine, but like i said, i got no idea how to load and map it for a 6 piece map for a skybox. the example from tutorial has a function from what it constructs the sphere(i think)... and uses some weird special structures and methods to load and map it.
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