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  1. Tilitednein

    I bet bitcoin will be a mainstream currency

    not any time soon, but yeah from the looks of it, it'll be in the future
  2. Tilitednein

    Pointless Wars - [Turn-Based Pointless Strategy]

    would be popular if it was on mobiles instead of PC
  3. Tilitednein

    Messging problem...

    ah my bad, thanks for letting me know, i'll do that next time and thank you for fixing it
  4. Your inbox is full. You must delete some messages before you can send any more. I have one message only with one sentence and it's full, please fix it... also fix forums button, sometimes it bugs out, you can't select anything except all forums button
  5. Tilitednein

    BioCloud Studio, Only for Serious People

    Few people contacted me however positions still open 
  6. I'll make this as short and quick as possible We are Studio that are trying to create MMO Using Unreal engine 4, with the help of unreal grant and Kickstarter will be the step to take us at least to the Beta Stage (We'll be cooperating with Square Enix for the kickstarter) , We are expecting it to take 1 years at least, I personally assume 2+ years at least, We are 10 Members team, not newly formed, Slack shows the number of the people who was in the team, over 50+ people kicked, we recruit only serious people, This Project won't be your our anyone full time job, Simply giving 5-8 hours a week of your time would be more than enough, This Project also have the potential, if we get funded in Kickstarter with the help of Square Enix, you can guarantee yourself a new full time job in new studio, Keep in mind, this is a simply hobby project, which giving 5-8 hours a week of your time for it could ensure a good future for you, take it as plan B or C, focus on your other things, and in your free time, work on the hobby project, simple as that, that's our current team situation for 3 weeks now, we formed a lot before that, but 50+ kicked, those 10 members in the team been for months, and latest member that joined has been for 3 weeks, any kind of inactivity without informing us or any good reason (not working at least 5-8 hours a week) expect a instant kick http://imgur.com/a/I0SN0 here few quickly downloaded pictures from our slack conversation few days ago and here two songs made by our composers https://ufile.io/scf4z https://ufile.io/25eik 3D Artists are progressing decently but since that field requires a lot of works, We are looking for more, I'll mention in the next few lines what kind of artists we'll need Composers are waiting us, they made all necessary soundtracks, and waiting for other fields to progress so they can work more, they are currently doing some tests on some songs and soundtracks for improvements Game Design is essential for any project, many people fail to understand that, our game design is way ahead, it'll take up weeks if not months of works to catch up to it, and still getting some changes and more work every now and then   Programming is pretty decent at the moment but we need more experienced c++ programmers  Website currently in development We are currently looking for Foliage Artist, A Level Designer, Texture Artist, Character Artist, C++ Programmer, Concept Artists, Animator if you need more information, private message me or post here                  
  7. Hey :) We are a team building a MMORPG with AAA graphics. If you wanna join us and need more info e-mail me at: alextitonis@gmail.com  
  8. Tilitednein

    Mysteries of Genesis Recruiting

    its happening at the mediaval era. Players can choose between races and classes. Players then can create guilds and finally build their own town. Ofc there are some ready towns, that are for the NPC, but guilds can build their own, so its an openworld   Well about composers, unfortunately we are full. We need: 1-3 Programmers 1-2 3D Modelers 1 Animator 1-2 Concept Artists 1-2 Website Developers 1 Script Writer
  9. Hi all! We are a team building a MMORPG with AAA Graphics. Also we are using c++, lua and other languages for the game, other programs and scripting (game engine: unreal engine) Its an indie project, so everyone will be paid after crowd funding! So for now we need more members! For more info: Reply Here, Pm Me, E-mail me at: alextitonis@gmail.com
  10. Tilitednein

    Directx or OpenGL

    I second that, Cry Engine capabilities is better than unreal such as level design and dynamic lighting, however i can say to the point that "I'm sure" he won't be using the best graphics those engines can provide, he likely want something on level black desert online, which both engines can provide and even better If you want to use Cry Engine, I wouldn't recommend you doing that on your first project, I suggest on your second project that if ur first project succeed and your team is organized enough, I know many people who tried both, and ended up sticking to UE4 because it was more simple for beginners in UE4, got stuck, have problem? you can get the answers easily by the community support, however when it comes to cry engine, Good luck with that
  11. Tilitednein

    Directx or OpenGL

    Take blade and soul as an example, they have decent graphics despite it being developed in 2012 and they used Unreal Engine 3 to make your own engine, that's for sure a lot easier and better for you to optimize your game, however making your own engine is also time consuming and requires a lot of knowledge and experience, so I personally would recommend using engine such as unreal engine 4 or cry engine (v5), they help you a lot and save you a lot of time, but in the future, it'll be hard for you to have the freedom to do whatever you want with your game such as optimzing, for example blade and soul uses dx9, which is very outdated and it focus only on one core cpu, which makes the game lag a lot, low fps, but now you have dx11 supported by the most known engines for best graphics games, so you won't really have a lot of problem optimizing ur game, optimizing one of the many problems you could face, but i mentioned it because i was giving you example of blade and soul and this is their biggest problem
  12. There are many similar games like that and I can't find any point in playing them unlike a game which provide the player with story or something he can enjoy, score and a meaningless challenges isn't enough, honestly I was surprised when game like tap birds got famous, I didn't even bother downloading it, if you see dungeon hunter 4, you'll get a better understanding of the idea I'm trying to say however that's only my opinion, Hopefully that won't get you down, Good luck mate!
  13. Bookmarked, I'll probably sign up tomorrow. 
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