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  1. Hello everyone, I just joined a new group of developers,and first time a modeler asked me if he could use 2 different textures on characters. Body and head. Is this common in game development? So far everyone was using 1 texture covering the whole character. Will this end up needing rework later on the road due to optimization? Or is it a minimal resource cost which doesn't really matter? Thank you in advance :)
  2. I would suggest to start with Unity 3D (C#). they have lots  of tutorials (   And the internet is FULL of free Unity Tutorials in C# and JS. As well a lot of paid but more professional lessons too. Never the less, you will have more than you need in order to get you started :)
  3. Metalbreath

    Questions about game design career path

    That's a bit short plan heh. Level design is a good idea. But don't focus on open world level design. When you will work in a company, they won't ask you to design your dream game. Instead they will tell you to design something specific. Play as many games as you can. Different genre. Not only those that you like. Try to understand the mechanism of each game. What features make a game unique and successful. What features cause a game to fail in market. Read books. Learn from professionals that share their experience and thoughts through books. (I'm at my mob atm. I will update this later on and give you some links for some of the books I personally would recommend). Read the Sloperama (i ll add a link here too) Try to find multiple teams of freebie indie developers and offer your help. Make connections. Find important people and keep good conducts. Take a course for modeling and learn about programming. (Basic stuff). In order to have a better understanding and better communication with your team. As well have more realistic expectations. (As well some music lessons will come handy. How would you explain to a composer after what music to compose. "Something like this won't give enough info to the composer. Learn an instrument). Read some team management articles. Learn how to influence your team and how to be positive. Stay active on game design forums (such as this one). It have tones of info, plus you can always post your ideas and thoughts here and others will help you out and give you hints and tips. Hmm not sure if I missed something. Game Designer road is VERY interesting. Lots of things to learn on the way. It's a rich career when it come to knowledge :) embrace it. I hope that could help you out.
  4. Metalbreath

    Already ready to start making simple games

    If Im not mistaken you could try in Unreal Engine,  They support C++ and it will make it easier for you to create a game, however   I would suggest Unity 3D. It support C#, UnityScript (JS) and Boo (Python). Unity has a great support for programmers. And they will help you solve, and  fix any type of problem you may have in very short time (Just like in this website heh)   Here is the link for the Script Section in Unity Forum: http://forum.unity3d.com/forums/scripting.12/ Have a look.   But you can choose any Engine you prefer. Both have millions of free tutorials in the internet :)
  5. Metalbreath

    Advertising a Game

      In your question(s) you dont say anything about what phase of the development your game is in. You only have concept art/ideas, you have a beta, you have a finished game, a playable demo, a previous version? Do you have games that people already know? How long till the game is finished? - if it has much time to go, you can use the dev process as a marketing tool(see IndeDB/Desura). ...consider things like these. ...otherways its more like lamenting about marketing rather than coming up with a concrete plan for an actual game.       Thank you for pointing out the flaws on my post. I edited it so it can be more understandable. Im sorry for the confusion. I am not interested in how to advertise my own game. Im more researching on how each individual indie company had proceed on this matter. share their story and tell us how they succeeded or failed with the specific approach they ve chose. :)
  6. Metalbreath

    Game Designer vs Team Arguments

    @Frob Thank you for the long description suggestions and tips. :)   @Tom Sloper You are right. English is not my primary language. Even though I use it more often than my primary language (Greek).   I understand, I should always respond with  positive and friendly answer. 
  7. Metalbreath

    Suggestions in Finding an Interesting Game Ideas

    Hello uzzybotak,   I personally dont think there is something specific that makes a game fun. I mean of course the features and gameplay, but different people like different games in different times.  When you are in adrenaline you play fast games, when you are bored you play casual slow games.   - I think you should focus on which genre the team is most interested in. Then find similar games and get the best features from them and combine them nicely in your Game Design. (If you like a specific way of xp, leveling, inventory icons, health bars, the way the character lean on the left when he turns... you got the idea) So look around and find those features you think will fit and make your game more fun to play. *Better check what the players like more than what you like. You should do what you HAVE to, not what you WANT to :)   -The best method to find interesting and different ideas is to play a lot of games, read community forums, or simply google what makes a game fun. ex. Why DayZ is fun. *Always google why the specific game is NOT fun as well. knowing only what is good, you may do the same mistakes of bad features that those games have   - Community! You have to listen to community and respond. NEVER get offended if someone says "I dont like this", instead ask "why does s/he think so" and say "thank you for pointing out the flaws" if you think its a flaws, or "thank you for sharing your ideas. We most definitely will take it under consideration" . *Community is a powerful tool. treat them well and they will worship you. They will defend you and they will bring more people to the community. Treat them bad and they will dig your grave (Take FEZ for example).    As well an advertise will be good. You can make the BEST game ever made, if no one knows it exist....  and it will die like a flower without sun.   I hope that helped :)
  8. Metalbreath

    Advertising a Game

    Thank you for the link Navyman.   I have already searched on the web about advertising methods.   My question is more about how the indie devs approach this. Which methods they ve tried, which they failed and which they had great success.
  9. Metalbreath

    Advertising a Game

    Hello everyone,   During my experience in indie I figured that advertise it can be vital to a game. Just like music... a repeated song on MTV or clubs makes you familiar to the song and may end up as a favorite song. I was wondering if there is a smart way to approach advertises. Personally i don't find TV advertises very effective for gamers (since their free time they usually play a game rather than watching advertises on TV). What would it be a smart way for advertising a game? How would you do it/ made it. I know steam could be a great boost for your game to become "known". Any ideas on kickstarter/indiegogo etc. Maybe send some samples and free keys to game review websites? Thanks you for taking the time to read my post. Regards Andreas     Please Read: I am more interested in how other indie companies had an approach on advertisement. Im not interested in advertising my game. Its a long way until I have a solid team and project. This info is for me and all the rest whom are interested about learning how the indie companies advertised and succeeded.   Each one of indie companies used their own methods and approach of advertise. Some could share their experience with advertises and how they failed or how they succeeded.   Im sorry for the lack of content on my post above and the confusion. Thank you all for replying back.
  10. Metalbreath

    Game Designer vs Team Arguments

    Thank you for your replies. My intentions are to project a friendly image. I was using the word "argue" because yes it means you trying to convince someone something. But as well that you provide facts about it. I didn't want my team to start saying.... "i want an elephant on the tree" - "why?" - "i like it". I would prefer fact as " I think an elephant on the tree will good because he will attract player attention and he will notice the hidden treasure" (example) And visa versa. When I suggest a feature to have a constructive argument(discuss) On why they don't think it will be a good idea. My aim is to create a playable, fun and selling game. That is why I focus on facts that can gelp the game. I guess you are guys are right. I will have to use a more friendly tone. Throw few smilies every now and then heh :) I will follow your advices. Much appreciated!
  11. Hello everyone,   *(Im not sure if this post is for Beginner Section or Production&Management, so feel free to move it if you think I ve posted it on the wrong Section)* I ve worked with couple of indie teams as a Game Designer/Team Management.  Before I join a team, I always let them know that I will argue with ideas they have and I eager them to argue with my ideas.   I think as a Game Designer its crucial to listen what my team thinks about what I write and what ideas they have because, through the arguments many small and unexpected ideas may pop up.   But when the team hears the word "argument" they take it as a negative attitude. Which is not what I am intended to project.   I personally think that its important aspect for writing the GDD.    What are your ideas on this matter?   Should I eager my team to feel comfortable to argue with me? Should I not use the word at all and expect them to react when they dont like something?(Although this may cause "shy" members to never express the dislike for a feature and a great idea may goes to waste)   Should I use a different approach?   How do you deal with this matter with your team?   Thank you for taking the time and reading my post.   Regards Andreas
  12. I would suggest to change the weapon-changing mechanism. Its nice as an idea, but (personally) I think its rather confusing. I get the idea of choose 2 weapons of your choice and be ready to use at any time.   My suggestion: - keep simple weapons for slot 1 (scroll up and down to switch accordingly) - keep strong weapons/shield for slot 2 (pick them up or change them by pressing F)   Future Suggestion: - Dont let the player has access to all the weapons. Use the xp trick to unlock and upgrade the weapons.  *Level 1 Keep the Simple Weapons *Level 2 Unlock Secondary *Level 3 Upgrade Existing Weapon or Unlock New Weapon *etc etc   -I agree with Kryzon. The game need some lighting in it. To provide better visual for the player.
  13. Metalbreath

    Need some advice....

    Distance is not a problem. If you all 3 have a passion for it you could easy start a share project (Google drive / Dropbox etc). You don't have to create a game with Crisis 3 max graphic. Games are not only about graphic but gameplay. Have a look at SpeedRunners. In other words keep in touch from skype (group), arrange meetings and have a share folder for having 24/7 access to it for the while team. Many indie teams work as freelance :) Go for it!
  14. Metalbreath

    Transformable Character idea for Endless Run

    If it will be endless game I would remove the superman cat. It will take away the challange. Except if the transformation comes with a countdown
  15. I think it's a great concept. It will be hard to balance the teams but doable. Please do let us know as soon you have a playable demo (Even alpha stage). I would love to leave my gameplay feedback. As well... you should play the commandos series. It will give you some hints on AI and combat. You have to make resources easy to find. Since its inspired from war craft i guess it may be a gameplay from 15 min - 3 hours gameplay. (Never played the island version that you ve mentioned) This can be from REALLY fun to frustrated game if you don't balance the resources (Game progress) correctly. Looking forward for more posts about it
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