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  1. Feresher

    Game Development or Design?

      Isn't XNA dead? Should I really start with it?
  2. Feresher

    Game Development or Design?

    Ok! So, Gimp is the free-but-good version of PS and Blender of Maya, right?   Ok... so, to do things very quickly I should go for the already built game engine. If I want to try to make my own engine, what would you suggest me to do? Any tutorial or book? (C#)
  3. Feresher

    Game Development or Design?

    So, I should learn the basics of programming (let's say C#, already started) and a design software. What software could I use? I'm going to see a 101 of that software (maybe something on the road) and make that game.   EDIT: by the way, I don't usually hand draw
  4. Feresher

    Game Development or Design?

    I see many "Maya 101" and so on courses, so I thought I could study on my own
  5. Feresher

    Game Development or Design?

    Game Design, yes; and Game Programming, yes again.
  6. Both are awesome and I need to decide to start. How would you choose? What and why?
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