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  1. The Weightlessness       The game will take you into a spaceship carrying the alien monsters reign parasites! Clear vessel - 10 rooms - is not so simple ... To help you have jetpack, 3 types of weapons, ammo, which still need to earn. Also in the game is present physics Box2D (bullets, characters, particles). Can cope with it, depends on your skill and ability to destroy enemies! See you on planet Earth. For PC. Download - http://falcoware.com/fbe613/TheWeightlessness/ Gameplay video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38k0zlPUfYI
  2. Turbo Tunnel

      A casual game of Battle toads. We all remember the Turbo Tunnel in Battletoads. Maybe, the hardest level. Now you have the opportunity find out, who can keep in Turbo Tunnel longer. Their results can be shared with friends. Will they be able to beat your record? For Windows. Download: http://falcoware.com/fbe613/TurboTunnel/
  3. First Shot

    The story tells about two anthropomorphic creatures. There exists an amulet, whose owner is endowed with great power. But thugs took it and now our heroes must get it back. In the course of the game, characters develop while struggling with evil. But do they have enough power to overcome the OWNER of the AMULET? Platform: PC; http://falcoware.com/fbe613/FirstShot/
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