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  1. Hello all, just wanted to show a retro style tile Viking themed Strategy game project I am working on in Unreal4 and is currently running a kickstarter for that has launched. If you like vikings and retro style strategy tile games check it out. Looking for folks to help get word out and share!
  2.     Hello all, I am Nathan from Storm Isle Productions our studio has been working on a Fantasy RTS called Disciples Of The Storm over the past  few years that is an inspired reboot of the classic gameplay style seen in the old RTS NetStorm islands at war but set in a strictly new game world and IP that we have been creating with the help from some of the team that worked on the old Netstorm.   Disciples Of The Storm (DOTS) is a unique, fast paced Real Time Strategy (RTS) game set in the fantasy world of Sonus where an ancient feud between the deities, known as Tempests, have torn the world apart leaving little more than raging storms below and skies filled with floating remnant of islands where the people of Sonus now live. The four factions of rain, wind, sun and thunder must battle to survive in this harsh climate gathering resources and gain favor from the Tempests.   Build your temples and workshops to unlock units to wage war on your enemies and capture and offer up enemy high priests to gain favor with the deities.   With a unique bridging mechanic system that allows players to deploy networks of bridges to link islands along with a multitude of unique faction unit types combining elements of Tower Defense meets active Tower Offense.   Features:   New IP, New World Art: As a top-to-bottom concept reboot, Disciples of the Storm uses a new IP for long-term stability and to avoid confusion with the the old game NetStorm. Disciples of the Storm takes place in an entirely new world with redesigned units, spells and effects.   The factions of the Tempest: DOTS features 4 playable factions with the factions of Wind, Rain, Thunder and Sun. With each side having close to 12 unit types each, along with faction neutral buildings that can be constructed.   Fast Paced Game Play: Fast pace game play but easy to learn focuses on capturing and holding islands with control of paths through islands as vital to victory.   Bridging system: DOTS features a custom unique bridging and placement system which allows placement of different bridge types allowing for construction of bridge networks to support both resource collection and expanding the battle front.   Bridges not only act as pathway for resource collectors to move over the void of open air but also provide locations from which defense and attack units can be constructed off the end of bridge sections     DOTS use of different static defense and attack units with the ability to be built linked off side of bridge ends allow for construction both on islands and out over the void of the sky. DOTS attack and defense units although static and do not move each have their own ability and power which gives a tower defense meets tower offense mode.   Random Map Generation: DOTS feature on the fly map generation for both island generation in island shapes and with placement of islands and resources allowing for each multiplayer game to be unique.   Multi-platform support: DOTS supports running on Windows, Linux and Mac.     - Easy to learn gameplay. - feature rich world with floating vine covered islands. ruined structures remnants from before the sundering that tore the land apart and cast the fragments to the skies. - competitive play in Multiplayer with ranking and score tracking. - carry over skills from game to game unlocked by players priest. - High Priests in battle hats!           Kickstarter             Follow us on: Twitter - @StormIsleProduc Facebook - Tumblr -
  3. For a while my team originally was working on a fan tribute of the old RTS Nestorm Islands at war that was a RTS published back in 1997, but due to reasons and wanting to avoid issues it was agreed that the project would move away and focus on creating our own IP and game world, but in moving away from the old Netstorm IP we are now joined by the artist and talent that helped shape the art style of the original netstorm on developing our own new world.   In working on Disciples of the storm our RTS project is now backed by the NS design team and we are currently running a kickstart to help fund further development of Disciples of the storm.     Disciples Of The Storm game play combines elements of populous meets tower defense meets tower offense as players bridge and attempt to capture unclaimed islands while deploying structures that acts as stationery attack units and blocking units and high priest that are the players avatar that can cast spells that can aid in battle, game play puts more emphasis on careful and tactical deployment of units  to gain advantage in fighting then on mass producing units from barracks..   Our kickstarter has currently raised 22,881 in backing but we are in the final 5 day of our kickstarter and we are trying to get word out as much as possible about our kickstarter to meet our last development funding goal..              
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