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  1. krikkit

    New Rocky Movie - Reactions?

    Quote:Original post by LessBread That's funny! You should have found your own off switch because now you've given me the opportunity to briefly educate you about the politics of Rambo movies. Actually, there are a great many people who are perfectly aware of these things. We just dont have to speak up about them at every possible opportunity, and are content to say things like "Oh, god, please no, spare the children the agony of another Rocky."
  2. Quote:Original post by Spoonbender But even so, how about punishing him for some of the serious things he's done instead? Quick note for this sentiment that keeps cropping up: that ship has sailed. For whatever reason, he wasnt, and yelling about it now doesnt make the kid any less in need of some discipline. Anybody who knows anything about child rearing will tell you that punishments need to be immediate, and obviously a direct consequence of the action that has just been committed, for them to make any developmental sense for the child. In other words, punishing him NOW for the old shit -will not do anything- but confuse the kid, in a developmental sense, and make at best a tepid point about discipline, so theres no point to harping on it. As said, that ship sailed before. Mom now tries a new tactic to get her kid in line. Good for her, because I dont want that little crackhead mugging me in 6 years.
  3. krikkit

    Gonna fly... I'm a free bird!

    Seems that some duct tape is in order when I first open my Wii.
  4. Quote:Original post by Endar So, he was strangled for 10-15 mins, then got his head violently stomped on. How long did it take the idiots driving the van to notice this poor guy getting killed? I'm sorry, you seem to have confused a prison system with a set of people who give a single shit about the welfare of those within it. At least he died before the anal sex.
  5. On the one side, I have to go with what most people will doubtless say: "Aw come one, just be a PARENT for once." On the other side, sometimes what kids need are a ride in teh backseat of a cruiser and a few minutes of being REALLY scared to make an impression. It might be just what the brat needs, we dont't know, because this is a "hardy har isnt that weird" news blurb. You'll notice the article mentions Mother and Grandmother. I surmise, perhaps incorrectly, that this is a single-mother household. Thats one point already, no matter what you say, towards a stressed parenting environment. Also, take note: "I'm trying to get him some kind of help," Sounds to me like another case of bewildered, young, single mother trying to figure out what the hell it takes to raise a kid right. So, after thinking about it, I say - Hey, looks like she's just trying a new angle - a good scare.
  6. krikkit

    Tasers and DWB

    Right or wrong, I still maintain that when the time comes for me to be unjustifiably tasered, I will be openly gad to take that rather than a nightsticking. One in a few thousand chance of a stopped heart... Busted teeth, collar bone and arms...... Yep, taser is still the winner. Hooray!
  7. and here I thought the Eagles were getting back together for another tour. Jerk. If you need me, I'll be at the Hotel California.
  8. krikkit

    Draw A Pig!

    Quote:Original post by DukeAtreides076 The blackest, most brutalist pig EVAR: William Murderface We're going to read about your unfortunate descent into madness later in life, arent we?
  9. krikkit

    Grandma's Boy

    That movie is among the 95% of all movies, wherein I watch the commercial, ask myself if it looks like it will stimulate my mind in any meaningful way, recieve the answer "no", and promptly ignore it. Lo and behold, "pot smoking" is integral to the plot. Not good so far on the stimulation scale. Can you tell me why I should watch it?
  10. krikkit

    the "New Toy" Thread

    My fiancee called and told me that she would be waiting in line to get at the new shipment of Wii's, on my behalf, for christmas, against our better judgement, simply because she knows I would like one. I picked a good one, guys.
  11. krikkit

    Bloomington, IL

    It's pretty much an Illinois thing. I come from Joliet, a large town of over 120,000 people, and theres STILL nothing to do, unless youre idea of a good social time starts and ends at bowling and drinking. Although, there are some extreme sports parks and such. But, in general, IL is boring. I read, learn, develop hobbies. Most of my personal time is alone-time, so I try to spend it in worthwhile ways(no tv).
  12. krikkit

    What the hell is with Bittorrent

    I experience the same problems when useing utorrent. I havent completely solved it, but search around the options for things like "max connections" and play with setting them lower... Even when downloading a torrent with, say, 12 peers and a few seeds, my client was registering over a hundred connections and choking my internet. Not sure how to fix it correctly, but look for any way to choke your clients command over your system.
  13. krikkit

    How do you know when you have food poisoning?

    Drink fluids, eat yogurt and relax. If youre not 2 years olf or 75 years old, youre gonna be fine. Sometimes its as simple as eating food that is far worse for you than what you normally eat. If you generally eat pretty healthy, and then go to mcdonalds, your guts will revolt. Its toxic food.
  14. Quote:Original post by azurexen attraction = love. BZZ. Attraction=love in the minds of young people who havent experienced enough of either to tell the difference. Hence why you might hear a lot of cynical statements like "love is only for the beautiful people" or something, or might draw, from observation, conclusions like cars and money having anything to do with love. A little maturity, a little experience, teaches people that, although not everyone. There's plenty of people who chase perfect bodies and fat wallets their entire lives, and will get drunk and cry over not finding "love" on the weekends. They never figure that part out.
  15. krikkit

    Bloomington, IL

    *blink* There is a place in this country, which you can come from, wherein upon your arrival in -Illinois-, you are THANKFUL for the road system? The road system that had all of its money sucked into the wallets of politicians for years, instead of upgrades and repairs? How bad ARE the roads in PA, man?
  16. krikkit

    Streaming stand-up comedy channel

    Err, I highly recommend going to Shoutcast.com. There are a number of 24-hour comedy stations. KHAHA.com is one of the bigger ones.
  17. krikkit

    Smoking and Smokers!

    Quote:Original post by blueEbola This thread needs more smoker love :D Ha. You could start a thread that is determined to be sterile of opinion, such as "An objective view of the history of cigarettes - facts, timelines and graphs only, please" and easily 50% of the posts will be non-smokers talking about how disgusting it is, how much they hate smokers, how stupid smokers are, and any number of opinions that weren't asked for. I quit smoking a year ago, but I have love for smokers. Rock on. Make sure you stand as close to building exits as possible when smoking ;)
  18. Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Puppets are articulated dolls on strings controlled by puppet masters. The fact that you cite rap music as an instance of media representative of black Americans only underscores my point. Who actually owns the companies that put out this music? Who approves the budgets for the music videos? Look at rap 10, 20 years ago and then look at it today; where did its conscience go, and why? I'm not particularly interested in getting involved in this conversation to any great degree, but I would like to underscore what was said here, and encourage people to look into this. I think young black men in America need to be reminded that a lot of this damaging culture is being sold to them by rich corporations, and I personally would like to learn a bit more about this exactly, and the moving-in of corporate america onto the otherwise revolutionary rap scene of the 90's, because I have personally been wondering exactly -who- is trying to package up guns, diamonds and hoes and sell it to the youth culture of black America. I find it odious, compared to what rap seemed to be -trying- to say when it first re-emerged in the gangsta era...
  19. krikkit

    Heres some Black Friday for ya

    Quote:Original post by mtw Quote:Original post by krikkit Oddly enough, we dont get all that much happier. Stop shopping. Stay at home and scratch yourself, like I do. Scratch yourself with rolled up wads of hundred dollar bills. You mean if I hadn't bought my skis that I would be happier sitting at home than skiing out in the mountains? That's right, and youd be happier slowly starving than buying all that "food" they want you to think you need. Score one for "instantly going hyperbolic in internet conversations".
  20. krikkit

    Heres some Black Friday for ya

    Its not so much 'zomg loss of faith and false religion' as it is consumerism, which is its own plight upon American people. I say, decrease your wants. Encourage friends and family to decrease theirs. Turn off televisions, unsubscribe to magazines. STOP SHOPPING. Save money. Read books. Educate and be satisfied. The purpose of consumer holidays is to make you feel more unhappy with your current state (what I/my friends/my family "needs") and pretend that you can fill that with purchases. Oddly enough, we dont get all that much happier. Stop shopping. Stay at home and scratch yourself, like I do. Scratch yourself with rolled up wads of hundred dollar bills.
  21. krikkit

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody

    Much like forest fires, Thanksgiving cuts a deadly swathe through turkey populations, allowing new generations of turkey to be born and prosper. Prosper onto our dinner plates. You see, thanksgiving, like wildfires, encourages life, in the subtle interchange of birth and death. Mother nature is beautiful. Pass the sweet potatoes.
  22. krikkit

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody

    I made cookies.
  23. krikkit

    Legalities of cloning a classic?

    Here's a pertinent link: Ripping off Japan
  24. krikkit

    My wife wants a Wii! YAY!

    Quote:Original post by AnonymousPosterChild Am I the only person who doesn't give two shits if my wife/mother/grandmother/family pet plays videogames or not? I play games and enjoy them because I like them, not because some random person who doesn't DOES like them. Odds that APC is married, based on this statement: ~25% In "can you believe it" news, your life partner's opinion of things plays a part in your life! hehe. There were a lot of women playing games in the early, pre-atari-crash days. This whole "omg girls dont game" thing came up in the 90's console and growing PC era, for whatever reasons. That is slowly slipping away. less gender gap = less newly married young men ebaying monstrous collections of lifetime-amassed games and systems. Victory for boys-n-toys.
  25. krikkit

    My computer randomly shuts down instantly

    Sounds like overheating to me. You say youve checked your graphics card temp, what about your CPU? How dusty is your computer? Got good airflow?
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