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    $1 could help me attend college. please help

    The Story Hi my name is paolo. we are poor and cant afford college. Last few weeks I started a fundraiser to attend college but on that I was asking for all school expenses it was too much for someone to give atleast $1 so I was sad no one donated. Thank God a university let me attend classes (BSIT Bachelor of Science in Information Technology) for free and pay after I finish and finally get a job. But they will of course not be covering any other expenses than that. I'm hoping to aggregate $800 for a 2nd hand computer and to be able to pay for an internet service provider. I cant submit myself without these mediums. every bit helps! I owe you everything! just please let me attend college. Please.   Here is the [LINK REMOVED] everybit helps.
  2. thenameisdivine@rocketmail.com

    I really need your help guys

    I my name is paolo and this is my first time on crowd funding. I just started a campaign, you are so welcome to visit, view and contribute. any amount would be so much appreciated or even a word of mouth to spread the message is a lot of help.
  3. thenameisdivine@rocketmail.com

    Am I obliged to create one?

      precisely ;)
  4. thenameisdivine@rocketmail.com

    Am I obliged to create one?

      thanks :) 
  5. thenameisdivine@rocketmail.com

    Am I obliged to create one?

    Thanks man you guys are the best! Okay so that clears my mind. :)     And to this one. Ive seen it like this. To be a pro cyclist is to be like a gamer. And the one who build a bike is more like a game developer. but doesnt mean to build a bike will mandatorily put you in the process of creating each materials from ground up right? (not unless you want to) but you can use an already existing materials like pre-made wheels, sprockets, sprints and chains. that other people already created. just so you can build your bike or even modify it. just like using pre-existing softwares to create 3d models and plug it in to your own engine. And yah You got it right sir thanks :)
  6. thenameisdivine@rocketmail.com

    Am I obliged to create one?

    Warning I'm not a PRO. hi my name is pauline fisher this is my first time in gamedev.net me old thread viewtopic.php?f=141&t=47845 I dont want to extend this thread I started long time ago from the new boston forums. but.. there are few questions I want to ask more so. I started a new one. If you do have any tips and suggestion with regards to my older thread you can go ahead and pm me or whatnot!? ;) muah!  question: Am I obliged to create my very own 3d modeling software in creating a game? specially if im goin to start a verysmall game studio? or can I used existing softwares for the 3d models like (blender3d, maya, 3dsmax etc,.) then export it on my game engine?
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