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    EBITDA multiple for video gaming industry?

    Thanks. Is there at least some minimum EBITDA possible in my case? I mean, since it's a software company that has a high profit in the 2nd and 3rd year, maybe you say it's at least 2.5. But maybe you will say it can range from 0,00001 to anything even in the field of successful software companies.   In other words, if I use 2.5 (and I think that's pretty conservative), I will have to defend it if the investor asks: "OK, could you tell why you used 2.5?". (Values typical to a particular industry at least could help in such a case.)
  2. I've a well-established project (prototype demo, good team and past, audience data, stats, etc.) in the area of video game industry. The project is at the beginning, we planned to go Kickstarter but in the meantime, at least one investor got interested in it. They already spent hours with me (Viber, real life meeting etc.), so I think this is a good sign. The EBITDA at the end of the 3rd year in my business plan is 4.5 million USD. What EBITDA multiple shall I use to estimate the value of the company? (i.e. their possible exit multiple at the end of 3rd year) Remember, it's video games (PC games) industry, not casino or real-world gaming. I can't find such data anywhere.    The capital that my business plan needs from the investor is 2 million USD. If the EBITDA multiple is not small, I probably don't need to offer him too much percent (%) share (considering the $4.5M ebitda at the end of 3rd year).
  3. thomascalc

    Where to find classic top-quality RPG artist?

    Thank you!
  4. thomascalc

    Where to find classic top-quality RPG artist?

    Is it checked by very good artists as well?   EDIT: I hope so.
  5. thomascalc

    Where to find classic top-quality RPG artist?

    Servant of the Lord: Thank you.       What does "classified section" mean?
  6. Hello,   This sounds like recruiting but it's not, rather a meta-recruitment question. My former classmate decided to invest some money into my game project.   I need game art (not UI but the maps, areas etc.) with the same quality and style as these games: Pillars of Eternity Baldur's Gate Icewind Dale   I just can't find any place where to find artists that draw such graphics. Money is no problem. I checked elance, deviantart, but noone...   Any ideas?    
  7. Thanks guys.   Moreover, I also meant that I'm going to use Race, Class, Skill in basically the same sense as D&D (same fundamental meaning, which equals to a dictionary meaning as well). On the other hand, there will be different classes in my game (except dictionary words such as Druid, Sorcerer), the list of races also won't be the same (and will either use dictionary words, or unique words I make up on my own), and skills will also be different.   Based on your posts, I think it should be OK.
  8. Hello,   My team is designing the rule system for our upcoming fantasy role-playing game (RPG). I know the answers here won't be legal advice, but please, some feedback would be great.   My rule system contains concepts such as Races, Classes, Skills, XP. During character generation, you choose a Race, Class and then choose Skills.   An experienced poster writes this here (to someone else, e.g. I won't have "feats" in my game):     If my game mechanics are different from D&D/Wizards of the Coast, am I right that the chance of legal trouble is very small? Game mechanics cannot be patented, and words themselves (especially which existed long ago in the English language such as Race, Class, Spell) cannot be protected either. Only the way they are used can be copyrighted.   Well, this is where I'm hesitating. We use Race as... well, race of the character. Class as the "occupation". Skills as... skills. So game mechanics might be similar to other games (using D&D), but with different values and structures. I read that many games copy XP table concepts, but they make sure to use different numbers, which is a good protection against legal issues. For races, we will have human, dwarf, but other custom (unique) races as well.   After crowdfunding, we might be able to pay a lawyer, but not now (I guess review our rule system would cost a LOT $$$ now).
  9. frob: I see, thanks. Actually, I could just do the following (yes, now that I write it, this would make my situation much worse, but since I don't intend to do it, I'll write it):   I could open a public forum/guestbook on my site, let my friend post there, and then keep the post highlighted on the main page. It would be user-generated content. I know it would be risky, but if I hadn't written about the trick here, they would have a difficult time proving my intent. Actually, highlight a user-generated content from your site is also an important part of freedom. So it would be interesting lawsuit IMO (if I hadn't written the actual intentions here now). There could be further tricks as well: e.g. we could solve that the most rated post is shown on the main page, and make the post most-rated artificially. (Yes, this is kinda cheat, but if I hadn't written it here now, they would have no way to prove it.)   By the way, I'm European, so law is a bit different here. But I don't doubt that a big US game publisher wouldn't have a problem preparing and organizing their lawsuit properly.     Gian-Reto: thanks. In the meantime, indeed we changed it to something more general, but still specific enough. It now doesn't mention any product name, and designates a few games where Dragon Ago is necessarily included (it's obvious from the context).
  10. frob: Thanks a lot. Why would even a first C&D cost me a lot of money? The money I lose with time is fine, we are a small indie team. I can still remove the quote from the website as soon as I get any warning/C&D, can't I? (Regarding your question: well, it's a complimenting quote, he compares my game to Dragon Age.)
  11. thomascalc

    Investing into a Game Project

    (I removed the inappropriate part from my previous post.)   To further clarify my point: if he likes games, he should invest a small part of his money to a project he likes and finds convincing (financially and in other aspects as well). NO financial advisor can tell you what business to invest in without a serious risk. They will suggest you a portfolio, depending on how risky investion you want. But there will always be a "faith" factor. You can indeed lose all your money with it, but if anyone knew the recipe of what business to invest in, that person would be billionaire, have a Nobel-prize, and probably could rule the world. So the personal factor (and luck factor) is always there. If you don't invest at all to a very risky thing, your chance stays a guaranteed 0%.   So we should really know how much risk the OP is willing to take. This is what the financial advisor will first ask him, too.
  12. Any thoughts? (I won't take it as legal advice, just give me some info please.) Tom, you usually used to give me very uself info.   Thank a lot in advance
  13. thomascalc

    Investing into a Game Project

    While I agree with the general comments regarding financial investment, I can also add the following:   If you like games, you might want to invest only a smaller part of your money to help talented (and professional) indie teams. This has a very high risk, but I'll detail in a later post why I think it's reasonable.
  14. Hello,   I'm developing a website for my upcoming game. One of my friends (a manager at a software dev company) allowed me to add his quote about my game as a testimony to the website. His quote, however, mentions an existing brand (Dragon Age).   On my website, this would be the quote: "A real jewel for us who loved playing Dragon Age." - John Smith, directer of sales, Example Company   I'm not affiliated with Dragon Age in any way, and I don't want legal issues. But it's a quote, so this should be nominative use, right? And thus it's absolutely OK, isn't it? Any chances chances that I'll get into trouble? Can I lose money, or only get a warning (with highest probability I mean)?    The whole webpage would contain a single mention of Dragon Age, and only in my friend's quote.    I know, I know: one can be sued for anything. And the big companies are much more powerful. But I want to know the chances. (For example, if my site had a forum, and a user wrote the same thing in a topic, it would be practically 0% that I get sued for his post comparing my game to Dragon Age.)
  15. thomascalc

    Mentioning a 3rd party game in my text

    I see. I am talking only about a website, and game will be for Steam store, not Android/iOS, but thanks.
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