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  1. T4ng10r

    Tool for graphic prototyping

    Hi, Currently I've got almost none experience in GIMP/Photoshop. I would like to create 2D prototypes of game screens/objects/ships. What tool/application would you recommend? I though a little about Google SketchUp - but its targeted to more 3D and architecture designs. PS. Paper and pencil are already in use. I'm looking for something more flexible (should I make this cabin smaller? bigger? wider? etc), which allow me to manipulate single objects, to see rooms and walls change when I move one of them.
  2. Hi, Usually simple notepad or mindmapping tool is enough to store ideas and design flows. Dropbox or Evernote is the simplest solution to be always updated with your work, despite where you are. There are 'wiki' projects, here the problem is with internet connection, however tools like MindRaider are capable to download/upload content and allow user to quick and easy edit. Now, where I, as designer, can store i.e. GUI elements or their layouts? Some limited interaction with this kind of item would be helpful.  Drawing them in MS Word or OpenOffice isn't satisfying (size changing problems). Visio or PhotoShop are too big tool for this simply task. Qt Designer allow me to create some kind of prototype, but it's a little to close to code. I heard somewhere about Azure, but I'm not convinced it would be useful in Game Design.   Yes, pencil and paper are always with me - but later on it will have to be transfered to digital form.
  3. In my team we discussed few approaches. Dynamically selected features - activated during run-time by configuration files or detected system values. Rejected - we can't allow our binary to grow for one of possible releases due to memory constraints (embedded system with low memory). Statically selected features - by file locations (folder name) or if_defs. Second one - we want to avoid introducing ifdefs (in code we have almost none of them) because developers will easily overuse them. First approach is used right know and is candidate to be used further. Is there ANY possible framework which uses marks or tags (i.e. @REL1/2/3/4 in files to select files (or part of file) for compile? I mean - some kind of extra pre-configuration step in buildchain which will provide list of files?
  4. Yes. Even further - when during development I receive this kind of requirements I imagine whole lot of ifdef polluting my code. Seperate approach would be to use strategy design pattern or separate functionality in files stored in folders with recognizable name  (demos, dlc, etc) which later on will be taken by build mechanism.
  5. T4ng10r

    Managing spaceship - initial draft

    So I can make assumptions that captain/player will command the ship through reports answers or event driven questions as main conduct. Reports will be provided in fixed time intervals or in case of events (fight - damage reports, accidents, etc). More then that - captain-players will have ability to fine tune more details.   AI of NPCs is main point of my concern. Give them not only simply daily activity queue, but also behaviors for unexpected situations and stats and role modifiers.
  6. @SeanMiddleditch - this will work quite well for selection of bigger components. What about application with different versions? I mean trial (with blocked most of higher functionality), common, professional or ultimate versions? And we're not talking about simple code/serial unlock, but separate version for each. Yes, with proper architecture design I could hide those specific behaviors behind interface and use plugin approach. Situation became more complicated where in one file/class few functionalities crosses You have - for example - only one file reading format, only one net protocol, only one configuration, etc. I would like to have situation where I can create build (with help of CI/Jenkins) which will always create all possible versions. @BitMaster - building engine/tool isn't a problem. It doesn't matter if I use make/CMake or whatever else. Problem with selection files for different releases is the same. Do it manually, semi automatic or fully automatic.
  7. Hi, Let's assume that I have big project with lots of components (GUI with Multimap, Widgets, etc, Data  with loading, texture mangers, etc). Now I want to create SECOND build - ie demo - with only part of functionality (GUI without minimap, data with fixed textures, etc). I could easily achieve that with preprocessor defines, but it will be ugly. Still achievable. Ok, now something difficult. My boss tell me to create build to create GameEditor. Again - I could place multiple defines to separate functionality/features specific for each of those 3 build configuration. But it will populate code with more trash/gibberish. How can I create make system to generate build based of some kind of features lists to contain in given build. Other solution is to make special care to separate features so one FILE/CLASS would contain only one feature (possible but not so easy to achieve). Then in some file I could place list of files or feature tag, so make during file gathering would take only files matching features ID.  
  8. T4ng10r

    Managing spaceship - initial draft

    Yes, one of possible addition/modifiers would be using different kind of space ships. Small or inside-system - requires not more then 10 or even 5 crew. While big one - crew headcount in at last hundreds or thousands. So on small ships you can contact yourself and command every one, on big ones - you contact through officers (senior officers)   Rapports would introduce some life with generated names of every crew member, but connecting them would be funny only on the beginning. As they wouldn't introduce anything more then amusement or some world immersion.   Yes, you right - all missions/task/objectives can be simplified to 'reach point X' with modifiers.
  9. Managing space ship Player is placed in shoes of captain of space ship. Main task of captain is to complete tasks describe in mission briefing.  Inspiration - Start Trek series and BattleCruiser 3000.  Game should be rather manager them SIMSlike or 3D FPP. Something like FTL, but with larger scale, more crew and longer game time.   Crew pilot - piloting space ship, shuttles and fighters soldier/security - eliminating 'intruders on board' threat, investigating unexplained situations (crew member death, law braking,  maintaining order during riots or disgruntled crew, etc) engineering - ship component maintenance, small and big repairs, building components based on scientists blueprints scientists - researching found artifacts, analyzing parts (destroyed space ships, asteroids, etc) to reverse engineering fixes for ship components medic - maintaining crew health officer - better version of each crew role, works as leader and increase productivity (or decrease) passenger -  crew member -  Each crew member has his role, his stats parameter defining his fields of expertises. Can he be a good officer leading his subordinates, etc. Perhaps races to provide possible negative/positive bonuses from working with other.   Training Crew members should be allow to perform trainings to extend their own skills or learn new ones.   Space Ship components Engine room -  provide speed and mobility power grid - providing power for all ship components Life support -  Bridge -  Hangar -  Medic room - Research laboratories - can research found items, design (in cooperation with engineering) new upgrades Barracks -  Weapons -    Ship components can be single item or complex (build from several inter-depending items). Example - engine (ST theme) are coils, IPS conducts, core, magnetic, etc.   Degradation Each game tick/update parts are slowly degrading.  Best quality components require at least few hours/days/weeks before wear effects appear.  Worst or old components can degrade and work inefficient even after few minutes/hours without maintenance. Battle or accident damage will lower components reliability making it permanently lower quality. Beside that - components will require usually repairs.   Mission task: find cure for epidemic slowly killing crew (medics and scientists cooperation, gathering samples) fight of possible attacks of other races/ships - they want to eliminate plague by destroying ship security must stops aggressive outbreaks of desperate crew security need to find saboteur on board - someone is deliberate damaging or destroying components ship suffered severe damage in previous battle - task is to reach allies territory depending on difficulty level part of crew is sick or injured or dead level of damages can differ (from small to even completely destroyed components) ship is very old, most of parts need constant maintenance work to just normally work, objectives requires to reach designated point ship is in toxic or dangerous space (nebula, radiation, etc) - crew is sick, equipment working improperly ship is designated to battle with different difficulty modifiers crew quality and training levels equipment quality and reliability investigate some phenomena, accident or post-battle site react in emergency case (deliver some, find cure, fight bad guy) Situational rapports Captain receives rapports about ship, components and crew status. How long current component will work, how often performed are      To Do: Create connections between components so keeping them in good shape requires balanced power, meet dependencies and set priorities. How to control or manipulate this environment? How to modify behavior? How to let player create his ship of dreams with perfect crew? Without overflowing with too many small details and yet giving him felling that he is in control. To not create situation where captain/player is a passive observer.
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