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  1. SmartMatch is a formerly paid (now it's free!), grid-based puzzle game for Android. Select and match groups of two or more tiles and attempt to clear the levels or score points with huge combos! Tiles can be matched across gaps, but once they disappear, they're gone for good. Easy to learn, hard to master.  Featuring 120 devious puzzle levels, a fast paced blitz mode, high scores, unlockables, power-ups, and more!   Get it on Google Play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hunterforsyth.smartmatch   Gameplay video:     
  2. ReactionLab 2 is an 8-bit particle sim in the style of falling sand or the powder toy if you've ever played either. Essentially, you draw various elements onto a canvas and watch them interact in real time. ReactionLab 2 features well over 50 elements, hundreds of particle types, and nearly 90 achievements.    Check it out on Google Play here, or Amazon here. Homepage: reactionlab.hforsyth.com   Gameplay Trailer:     
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