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    Why Orchestral music is best for video games?

    I believe that Nate has listened to the AC video with the view that no Sound design or sound effects should be prevalent. The Music is mixed up as it should be for a demo because there is nothing else for it to compete with. No dialogue, sound design, foley, etc.    Also, that recording was a live ensemble mixed by a professional film/game scoring engineer, so to say it sounds fake in parts sort of has me question your credibility a tad. :D
  2. Many people tend to be drawn to the electronic element of music to fit their game. I think this is because electronic sounds go with electronic engines and games are meant to feel like they are made? I disagree with this, games are beginning to feel. Computers and electronic sounds CAN NOT FEEL. An orchestra is many human beings in a room playing with their own individual emotions all combined. This is something missing that can bring a game from good to great. If you have music that makes you feel, with characters that have a story, and a game engine that is seamless and nice to look at... you can have a great game.   I think many people give up the idea of having orchestral music for their game because they think of budget. You don't need a full live orchestra hired for your game to make it sound nearly as good. All you need is a few soloist players, hitting on what my previous article talked about... Cello is very common in game scores. One solo cellist over a "mocked up" orchestra can mean a lot for emotion's sake. The emotional and sonic depth that is attributed to orchestras can drastically change how someone views the game, let alone how they remember it.    The term "mockup" in orchestral music world means that we have many of samples of recordings. Some DAW's have engines or players to combine these samples into an instrument. Large orchestras have been sampled, and they are expensive. Most libraries aren't cheap... however it's worth the price. Serious game and film composers have bought these libraries to write with. If you combine these libraries that have possibly hundreds of players on them, with one or two live player to heighten up the soloistic sounds.    We make a game so that it has a positive response and a good playing experience so that people will buy it, tell other people to play it, and so on.    With this all being said, you can get affordable orchestral music for your game WITHOUT hiring an orchestra. I challenge everyone with the capacity to have orchestral music to try it.   All that, but here's an example of one I've done with part live players and part live. I re-scored this video, this is an interactive engine working in FMOD.   LISTEN HERE  
  3. What does everyone think of that game score sound which is dominated by cello solo? I LOVE the sound however I'm hoping it isn't going to be a trend and is left to the special sound.   
  4. aldonbaker

    Anyone have experience with Wwise?

    Yeah I'm experienced with wwise, but you need to be more detailed as to what you would use it for specifically.
  5. aldonbaker

    Prototype: Action RPG

    Can I test it?
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