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    Indiscrete Logic

    I think a hybrid would be possible. How a Turing Machine would interact with a quantum computer, I do not know. I think my paper opens the door to more than the limited applications such as breaking RSA encryption.   Yes, there is a need for some way for the computer to learn by itself. How that is done, again, I do not know.   I have read about the neurosynaptic systems IBM has created. It is still based in binary, and we are obviously not numerically based. Here is where you can read about it, scroll down to the bottom for descriptive papers of the hardware:   http://researchweb.watson.ibm.com/cognitive-computing/neurosynaptic-chips.shtml
  2. johnphantom

    Indiscrete Logic

    I apologize for being rough.   This is a new direction to go in for analog computing. It is not digital. We are not digital. I see, and I may be wrong, it as a avenue to synthetic consciousness. It is essentially different than any other programming I have done, in my 42 years of programming.   What I have described in the paper is not what I would see as optimal. I don't know where it could go with some sort of ability to "re-program" itself, and I say that with difficulty because it is not programming.   Everything I have attempted to do in the confines of Counter-Strike 1.6 I have been successful at. I truly wonder what could be done beyond the confines of a simple game, with only user input and outputs.
  3. johnphantom

    Indiscrete Logic

    I posted this because I have no avenue of review. I am indigent, and would like to see this put in the public domain. I would enjoy a discussion about it and would be more than willing to participate.   Thank you.
  4. johnphantom

    Indiscrete Logic

    Obviously I am not welcome here.
  5. johnphantom

    Indiscrete Logic

    I think it could be used as a foundation for AI in quantum computing. It is pure connectionism. I would like to patent the concepts I outline in the document.
  6. johnphantom

    Indiscrete Logic

    “The new version of the Church-Turing thesis (now called the ‘Church-Turing Principle’) does not refer to Turing machines. This is important because there are fundamental differences between the very nature of the Turing machine and the principles of quantum mechanics. One is described in terms of operations on classical bits, the other in terms of evolution of quantum states. Hence there is the possibility that the universal Turing machine, and hence all classical computers, might not be able to simulate some of the behavior to be found in Nature. Conversely, it may be physically possible (i.e. not ruled out by the laws of Nature) to realize a new type of computation essentially different from that of classical computer science. This is the central aim of quantum computing.”   How To Compute Without Numeric Variables In A Non-Von Neumann Architecture   http://www.tinyurl.com/indiscretelogic   I would like to patent and put this in the public domain.
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