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  1.   Interesting idea to have dual modes. I'm wondering how I would actually make my game easier for the first few levels and still remain fun. To me the first couple levels have been watered down so much already its hard to think what could make them easier.. Yet i still get feedback even on the latest version which implies this is the case.    Thanks for the comment.
  2.   Thanks for the creative ideas. I'll take them into consideration.
  3. Hi all,   I'm working through some feedback on my mobile game "Ninja Gold Rush". One of the most frequent comments I have received is that the game is too difficult. At the same time some people comment and say this is good because it's a quick game they could see competing with their friends, what you got to level X, I hate you.. etc.    My preference is to keep the game tough as this kind of competition factor was what I was initially going for. I also don't want my a large portion of my audience to dump the game because they get frustrated too fast. I have found watching people play they seem to improve quickly.    I've recently updated the first 2 levels to be (in my opinion) very easy. I'm hoping with a  more gradual ramp up people will be more compelled to play through the difficulty.  The levels are quick about 30 seconds for each one.   I'm interested to hear your guys thoughts. Where this is mobile game, and essentially a quick time killer do you think it's best to keep the difficulty tough and market it toward the competition aspect or to make it easier and have people just enjoy the death animations and stuff like that?    The game also resets from the beginning on each death, do you think this may frustrate the player (keep in mind the levels are quick) or will serve as a bit of a practice run leading into the more difficult levels each time? I'm hoping the death animations and look and feel of the game (which I've received quite a bit of positive feedback on) will remove the frustration aspect and rather add to the competitiveness of the game. The reason I have done this is because I think the game may be a bit too easy (even more difficult levels) if you start off in the last "room" prior to death. Especially if I add power ups, etc which the player could grab right before the difficult room.   I'm hoping the first couple levels are sufficient practice for the player or do you think it's better to add an optional tutorial? Particularly where the game resets on death.   If anyone is interested in trying the game in action the Android apk is here: link   Appreciate your thoughts.   Hurlbz http://www.overbyte.ca
  4. Thanks all for the excellent and detailed responses.    I realize MVP is difficult to define and is going to be specific to the game. Asking if the customer would be happy with the purchase is a great benchmark. In my case, I have always intended to release the game for free on mobile platforms and use ads / IAP to drive revenue.    Really what I was wondering is if the strategy of releasing a game incrementally to validate ideas & gather feedback has merit in the mobile market.    Essentially using the Google Play store to beta test the game. Or since as Orymus pointed out, most exposure for an indie is on day 1 so does this approach actually hurt your chances for success?
  5.   Thanks for checking it out again, your feedback is greatly appreciated. Could you elaborate on "scale the visual along"? I'm not sure what you mean here? Did you witness an instance where the collision didn't occur when the ninja passed through successive daggers?
  6. Hey,   I'm looking to launch my upcoming game Ninja Gold Rush on the Android play store in the near future and I'm looking to get feedback regarding release strategy.     My question is, how mature does a game have to be before you consider releasing it? I realize that the more you put into the game the better the reception, but I want to know if it's worth my time to keep adding features. I've heard stories of some companies performing "small" launches limiting to say Android Canada or something along those lines. They gauge reception and see if it's worth spending more money developing.    I'm a single developer working on this game (in my spare time) so I really want to know if people are going to play the game before I continue to log more hours.    How do you know when you have the MVP (minimum viable product) that you can launch and gauge reception? In general do you feel this a good idea to launch a game before it is complete (i.e. your full intended scope)?    My plan for the game (if reception is promising) is to add more depth:   Additional Levels Power Ups More Weapons & Abilities   and release on iOS (right now I've only really been testing the Android version and occasionally popping an iOS build on my iPad).   Out of the gameplay items, I'm thinking the additional levels is the easiest to hold off on. I see a lot of games release and have the other levels "coming soon" in a future update. However, regarding the power ups and abilities, In a perfect world I'm hoping I get some people play the game, like it and leave a comment stating that it be nice if had some more depth like power ups, etc. Worse case is that they bash it for all it is worth and perhaps taint the game's reputation (though I'm thinking initial release is likely to be so small the repercussions of this are minor)?   Obviously, these items are specific to my game but the question about what constitutes a minimum viable product for release is a general one.   I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this.   Thanks,   hurlbz
  7. Thanks Orymus this is a great suggestion.   I lowered the trail and it feels much better. I uploaded this version (and several other fixes) here. If you get a chance, check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks again!
  8. [attachment=23506:NinjaGoldRush_beta_1.png] Hey all,   I am looking for a piece of Banner art to use as my main splash image on the iOS / Google Play Store for my upcoming game Ninja Gold Rush.    In particular I'm looking for a cartoonish/exaggerated style which should fit with the fun / casual gameplay. I have provided a link to a video showing gameplay below.   I've been trying to do the promo art myself but figured I'd open up the opportunity to any skilled artists out there looking for a portfolio piece and some additional exposure. Like I said the art would be used as my main promotional image on the iOS/Play store. I'll also be sure to credit you for contribution.   If you are interested please contact me at hurlbz@gmail.com with subject "Banner Art". I have a theme in mind for the banner but am open to any thoughts/suggestions you may have.    Thanks!   Video: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2rmE7mgTY77QWMwY3hrRXJEX1E
  9. Hurlbz

    Difficulty finding play testers

    Orymus3 this is a great idea, i never thought to publish a specific design question and maybe in the process get some more general feedback. Besides which you are right there are a few "specific" aspects that I want the feedback on the most anyway. I'm pretty new to game development, so it's all a learning process for me. I just posted in Game Design here, hopefully I get some feedback in the near future.   Navyman, thanks for the suggestion of the Game Journal I will definitely be creating a journal in the near future. I actually plan to outline the whole dev process / marketing / publishing process on my website www.overbyte.ca and will be sure to share the info in my journal here as well.   Thanks again for the suggestions.
  10. [attachment=23505:NinjaGoldRush_beta_1.png]   Hello gents/ladies,   I'm looking to release a prototype of my game soon entitled "Ninja Gold Rush" on the Android Play Market. The basic concept of the game is 3d action/shooter which takes place in your "dojo" where evil Ninjas have broken in to rob you of your gold. You stop the ninjas by throwing shurikens. Because the game is targeting for mobile I really wanted to keep the mechanics simple.    I've been vying for feedback and have been getting mixed comments on my main mechanic which is the shuriken throw. Some people seem to indicate that the shurikens should be faster and that the Ninjas are too hard to hit. Conversely some people seem to think the shuriken throw is fine and that increasing the speed to hit the Ninjas would pretty much reduce the game to whack-a-mole. Currently, you need to use more timing since the shuriken has to travel and the Ninjas are running.    The other comment I have received is that the Ninjas are too difficult to hit because you need to obscure the location of the Ninjas when you touch the screen. This seems to be a common issue with touch-based controls (i.e. your fingers get in the way of the action) and I don't really know exactly how to address. I actually thought that by creating the paths for the Ninjas this would greatly be avoided.   The feedback for both items hasn't been consistent and I haven't been able to gather enough responses to really get a clear feeling if I should change something.   I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on the two comments above, any other feedback is also welcome.   The latest Android build is available here.    Thanks.
  11. Hello gents, ladies,   My first post here, if there is a more applicable forum for this question then please let me know.   Assuming I am in the right place, I recently completed the first stage in my new game and am having great difficulty finding random play testers. So far I've done some posts on subreddits (gamedev/indiegaming/playtest) but have only received a handful of comments.   I don't have a budget to pay play testers.    I'm wondering if anyone has any past experience or useful suggestions on how to find some free play testers?   Thanks!   Hurlbz
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