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    Unity, here we come!

    Awesome time savings.
  2. 0sok

    The Week of awesome II - The judge Thread!

      I can sympathize about you missing the blog post regarding the shooting mechanic.   But I can not sympathize with you that for a PC game that shows the mouse cursor on the screen (its use was required to select 'New Game' to even load the first level) and moves when you move your mouse that you didn't instinctively attempt to use the primary controller on your computer. Especially, an avid PC user as yourself. In the review you stated that you attempted the game for "ten minutes," but not once attempted to use the mouse? I am sure you can understand my disappointment with that. 
  3. 0sok

    The Week of awesome II - The judge Thread!

      Okay the part I'm stuck on.   I will PM you. 
  4. 0sok

    The Week of awesome II - The judge Thread!

      I hope you can make a video walk thru for your game. I don't think it's playing quite right on my laptop (and I'm stuck).   For example, in the first level, the colored ball doesn't always appear. My background is also white, whereas it's blue in the video. The video had a different background. The very first level(intro_impossible) there is no paintball. You will die attempting to jump. The next level will load (intro) and spawns a paintball that you can shoot. If you die on this level it will load level intro again that has the paintball.
  5. 0sok

    The Week of awesome II - The judge Thread!

    I'm going to be honest, i very nearly asked swift to re-review your game, out of all the judged entries, that one stuck out as extremly weird. However i deceided that asking him to re-review your entry on those grounds would be unfair to other entrys that received more negative scores due to the judge not being able to fully figure things out, so in the end i deceided to leave it as it was.   I wish you would have. The blog posts were virtually mandatory and it was detailed within my blog post. Including a video. Or at the very least I thought swift would have asked another judge if they had they same trouble. It is unfortunate seeing as my average scores extrapolated would have placed ReColorMe in the top 5. Instead it resulted in a 67. Oh well.   It was a good learning experience nevertheless. 
  6. 0sok

    Results are in!

    I was worried about how you would receive our game, ReColorMe, because it seemed you were preparing everyone for some very harsh crits. I was happy to see you said the following:   "It's a good entry, made from scratch. Good usage of theme, good gameplay, it's all around 'good'." That is exactly how we feel as well. You mentioned the issues we knew we had and we felt that we had a good entry; not spectacular. Thank you for your time. 
  7. 0sok

    The Week of awesome II - The judge Thread!

    Congrats everyone! My scores were right around where I thought they would be except for the random 31. Swiftcoder, Mouse 1 shoots the paintball (I believe this was in the readme) and it was shown in one of my blog updates. I know the competition is over but give ReColorMe one more try!
  8. 0sok

    The Week of awesome II - The judge Thread!

    Well you judged everyone's entries and Im sure you were consistent so everyone should get good, honest feedback; which is what these jams are about
  9. 0sok

    The Week of awesome II - The judge Thread!

      Not sure.   All others are done though, so we should at least have quorum...   Bestow upon us the results good sir. 
  10. 0sok

    The Week of awesome II - The judge Thread!

    You were right about progress being made during the weekend. 
  11. 0sok

    The Week of awesome II - The judge Thread!

    Fair enough! I'm certain they'll be thorough. 
  12. 0sok

    The Week of awesome II - The judge Thread!

    Looking forward to it! Will that be a critique from each judge or a single critique from yourself as last year?   I can't speak for each of the judge's, I don't know to what extent they have written about each of your games, i can guarantee a similar level of critique from me as there was last year, and i can tell you that you'll have each judge's individual category scores. However beyond that i won't make any guarantee's at this stage.   Isn't a requirement to be a judge, as you stated, was to have a critique similar to what you did last year? 
  13. 0sok

    Darkholm awaits.

    I have very similar feedback to stormy. Sometimes entering a room I was encountered immediately by enemies. and all progress lost. Not that I was able to get very far, I saw the crocs twice. First time I ran away scared and the second they horded me quickly.    Maybe I am just not very good because I couldn't get past them .I was also having some visual glitches that made the black holes you fall through appear as the wooden desks? Also the item slot wouldn't show me which one I had selected.    It seems the irony continues with you and I. I will admit, the mood was set early and definitively and I did worry every time I went to a new door because I didn't know what would be on the other side. I did enjoy that. I made a fair attempt for a little over ten minutes, but I just suck at games I think haha
  14. 0sok

    ReColorMe: Post-Mortem

    [quote name="Thaumaturge" timestamp="1412266413"] According to an old DXDiag log that I found on my desktop (I'm in Ubuntu at the moment, but can access my Windows partition), I have DirectX 9.0c. As for my GPU, it's an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650--which is a little old now, and no longer officially supported, I believe.[/quote] That is most certainly the issue. I appreciate the attempt. I believe dx11 may be required.   In regards to collision, hindsight sure is 20/20.   Thank you. Will post to your blog with a feedback review tomorrow.
  15. 0sok

    ReColorMe: Post-Mortem

    [quote name="Thaumaturge" timestamp="1412262021"]Heh, reading your entry on the engine, I recall you predicting that seeing what you achieved with it in so short a time would convert me to the use of Unreal from Panda--I'm thus amused by the irony that your game is one of the ones that doesn't work on my machine, thus blocking this conversion! :P   This was an interesting read, and I'm glad that things seem to have worked out so well for your and your partner: the competition seems to have gone well for you. ^_^   (Funnily enough, given the comparison of engines, collision was something that partially tripped me up too at one point, if for slightly different reasons.)   If you don't mind my asking, which were the two entries that you mention as having used loopholes? One, I imagine, is The Harvest--but what is the other?[/quote] I'd much prefer not to say specifically because I don't want that to distract from the suggested improvements to next year's competition. We all know how important a day of development is, even if that is only a day of prototyping different ideas to select one. That is incredibly ironic. I am sad to hear that. Have directx installed? What's your gpu. Epic themselves say the paper2d plugin is still considered experimental and not a full implementation yet so I'm complaining about beta software :P I tried to download your game directly but the download was corruptted twice? Tomorrow I will try and get yours from one of the big packs (bandwidth is at a premium) Which one is yours in?
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