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    Battalions, new-age online RTS

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  2. Zenksor

    Battalions, new-age online RTS

    Thanks again, ya'll.  That is something I should consider.   and @Mratthew, One mechanic that would be easy to talk about from the point pool would be the abilities, and how they are optional and have different levels of power. I would also like to explain the Unit Advancement feature, but is a bit confusing to understand without getting into a bit more detail. One of the in-game mechanics I would like to focus on is the Unit Behaviors and how micro'ing won't be possible. Also the zoom mechanic, similar to Supreme Commander's, which lets you zoom into a different battles throughout the map, or zoom-out to see the entire map.
  3. Zenksor

    Battalions, new-age online RTS

        That is actually quite helpful. Thanks.
  4. Zenksor

    Battalions, new-age online RTS

      Granted i didn't ask anything specific-- which perhaps I should have.   But I thought surely people would be inclined to give feedback on rather or not they liked the idea.
  5. Zenksor

    Battalions, new-age online RTS

    So I guess no one really likes it or is that interested by it? Well, at least no one hates it :x
  6. Hello! First time poster here. I am currently designing a game while I finish the last year of my Computer Science degree at Texas State University. I have been working on the idea for a little over a year now, and I believe is now at a presentable point to receive feedback. However, it is far from done, as I have not yet begun coding and still have little art to call my own. Attached is a .pdf of a Google-doc PowerPoint I have been working on. When I saved it to a .pdf, some of the spacing was slightly messed up, but isn't a real concern (I would fix it, but it is about 55 slides (pages) long).   I am happy to answer any questions or listen to any comments. I am hoping to clarify everything and making it easier to understand. I plan to [pay someone to] make a video to release with a kickstarter, and begin implementation from there. I am in no hurry, and I want everything to be as-close-to perfect as possible before coding anything and begin paying people.   Everything is explained piece-by-piece in the attached document, and most of the obvious questions are answered or explained later in the document.   Thanks, Matt Hoffman Zenksor     Edit: Re-uploaded the file with a typo and clarification change
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