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  1. meisterwork

    unity monthly subscription question?

    yeah i have emailed them this morning. Hoping they agree to a reduced monthly fee of around $50/month + 10% profit share. Hope they accept it. fingers crossed.
  2. meisterwork

    unity monthly subscription question?

    I understand where you are coming from but I guess i was hoping for a better payment option from unity (like unreal). For example, even if you know the game is good after prototyping, you may not get the support from other sources. I am sure most would not have supported flappy bird. I just want to make my game without having 4k-5k and get it out there so people can decide whether its good or not (and pay unity their share). Every indie artist and dev needs that freedom.    I guess i will have to sit down and find a way out.
  3. meisterwork

    unity monthly subscription question?

    thx mate. The pro version is the real game engine. The free version can only be used to create very basic games. My game is going to be somewhat complex and 3D. I guess since 12 months is the min subscription period, I will have to find a way and juggle things around. Sure I always intended to get on one mobile platform first and then the other after a month but not longer cos i wanted the game to be available on both platforms cos many games dont do well if they are not available on say android. Its the whole marketing, publicity thing, cos when people review a game on say youtube, things like these can make your game fail pretty fast.  I was hoping unity offered a royalty option like unreal's 5% on gross income, and I would even pay them 10% of future earnings. But said to say indie one-man devs like myself are out of luck unless they have a few ks lying around.    Unreal I am not familiar with much but even if I was, their forums are filled with complaints from mobile devs that its not ready for mobile yet. Their showcase game is a flappy bird clone. My game is comple and I have invested a lot of time into making my 3d models, texturing then, on animating them, etc and I was hoping for an engine that would make my life easier and not more complicated. I dont want to be sitting there dealing with basic things that should work on mobile and doesnt , when I should be spending that time making the game a beautiful experience. People on their forums have been saying that even after fully optimizing the game, something keeps breaking. Doesnt give one much confidence. I settled on unreal yesterday after asking people for advise here but seems its not made for mobile yet. Even the admins keep saying that in a few months time it should be competitive for mobile but atm its not going to do it for me it seems.
  4. meisterwork

    unity monthly subscription question?

    damn it! thanks. And I take it that the 4.5k full version can be used for life without being renewed annually?
  5. I cant afford the pro version but my 3d game will be for mobile and I think at some point I will have to get the mobile versions. And since I cant afford 4.5k, I will have to get monthly versions at $225/mo. But to make the most of it and to not go broke, I was thinking of doing the following.   1. Start building game on free version. 2. Get pro 30-day trial and build some more. 3. Buy the pro and mobile versions for $225/month for two months and deploy to mobile. 4. If the game does well, buy full versions at 4.5k. If it doesnt, stop the monthly payment and downgrade to free version and back to the drawing board.   Is this possible? Can I cancel the monthly versions once the game has been deployed and doesnt do well and go back to the free version.
  6. i get what your are saying. But I needed more advise than just interface-feel-related advise. For example, even after settling on unreal, I am looking through unreal forums and there are a lot of complaints regarding how slow it is on android, ios even after optimization. And that people are moving back to unity. I am stuck in a hard place now as I cant afford unity and free version wont work for android/ios deployment, and Unreal seems to cant handle anything other than tappy bird game for mobile. My game is going to be something like a 3d side-scroller with a ton of animations and I think Unreal may not be up to it yet. Really dont know what to do now.
  7. Also, i know unreals youtube channel has great tuts but anyone know of any mobile-game-development-specific tuts series for unreal? Just want to speed up my learning curve.
  8. yes, i think even though majority of people use unity for mobile , I am going to use unreal. Mainly cos of the price point. I have also looked into blueprint. I dont mind the learning curve. Just wish that unreal had more plugins and marketplace like unity. nevertheless, i will make my own assets so that wont be a problem. But just would have liked the freedom nonetheless. But moneytalks and 5% from a successful game is better than 5k upfront.   What an amazing and helpful forum this is. I was looking for a place to stay online and i think i just found it!!
  9. thx for the help. Really do appreciate it.   I can do basic programming. Even object orientated, but that was mostly python and some basic scripts. I picked up on C# and c++ syntax fast but syntax is just the beginning as we know. guess price point is the barrier now. 
  10. I am a 3d artist (modeler/rigger/animator) and I am foraying into mobile gaming as it's really difficult to find just 3D projects in my country (EU) these days. I am comfortable with with basic programming (syntax, scripting, object orientated programming) since I was into programming a few years back. Programming language is not a barrier so whether its C#, C++, python, etc, all are fine. However, I think of myself as more of an artist and only an amateur programmer. I will be programming the harder aspects of my game by following advanced tutorials on those specific topics (purchases from sites like DigitalTutors, etc) and asking questions on boards like this. My mobile game will be have lots of character animation, some nice artwork and more artistic things than a usual game as these are the things I excel at. Think of art heavy games like Monument Valley, Leo's Fortune, etc. So which engine is easier for an "artist programmer" to get the game developed quickly and this as little code as possible? (other engine recommendations are welcome too).
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