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    Placing enemies in the map/world

    Thanks for the quick reply guys!     Well, I am not using any map editor. I could, but that would be just to place enemies         I've been thinking of using json as BeerNutts said, then I just get the elapsed time and place different waves with different combination of enemies. Removing the timed waves and just spawn new waves once the player defeats every enemies in the current one seems a nice approach as well.   The problem is: As you said, this is rather a game design question and that's something that I need to improve...
  2. Hi!   I am currently creating a space shooter for practicing purposes and I got stuck on how to efficiently place enemies in the map and create a level.   One way is to hard code the enemies' positions on the map but that would obviously take too much time to create new levels and test the gameplay (level of difficulty more precisely). I could also make random waves throughout the map but I'm considering this, my last resource since it'd be too 'inconsistent'.   Could someone help with some ideas on how to do it?   EDIT: I am using SFML btw (forgot to mention )
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