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  1. Hi guys! With Black Friday just around the corner, all my asssets are 66% off in the Black Friday Bundle =) https://itch.io/s/9180/ravenmores-black-friday-bundle Quality stuff like in the attached images, for super cheap. Grab it while it's hot
  2. Ravenmore

    Please test out my new game, looking for feedback

    Oh cool! Clicked from GDN's twitter because I recognized my icons =) I'll see if I can give it a spin! BTW, did you get the icons from OpenGameArt or itch.io or some other place? Pretty sure I didn't put them up on the Unity Asset Store...maybe I should have? http://opengameart.org/content/fantasy-icon-pack-by-ravenmore-0   Good luck with the game!
  3. I really came here just to say...   Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone :D May your games be blockbusters, or at the very least delightful learning experiences. May you stay motivated, creative and energetic. And most of all I wish you all a calm, peaceful festive season amongst friends and family. Stay safe and see you next year!   That's the really important stuff. I'll be brief about the rest:   I've recently updated some of my assets and everything I have on itch.io is 80% off. AFTER I've reduced all regular prices. Making sure everything is very affordable for the festive season. Free stuff is free as always, the rest you can grab for about 5$ or less :) Have fun & may they serve you well!   ravenmore.itch.io   Again, Merry Christams & Happy New Year!  
  4. Hi there fellow GameDev enthusiasts :) Just wanted you to know I'm running a flash sale - 80% off all assets available on ravenmore.itch.io for the next 24h. Celebrating 100 weeks of continuous blogging on facebook.com/RavenmoreArt :)   https://itch.io/s/5012/ravenmores-centenary-sale   So now you can get stuff like below and more in a bundle for 10.80$ ;) Have fun!   [sharedmedia=core:attachments:23390] [sharedmedia=core:attachments:28753] [sharedmedia=core:attachments:30820] [sharedmedia=core:attachments:32235]
  5. Ravenmore

    2D Platformer Tiles!

    Update!   By popular demand the character in the pack is now available separately :) https://ravenmore.itch.io/2d-platformer-character-01   Though the whole package is still the best bang for your buck: https://ravenmore.itch.io/2d-painterly-tiles Have fun! :)
  6. Ravenmore

    2D Platformer Tiles!

    Feel free to suggest the direction in which I should expand the tileset/characters :) Thanks for reading!
  7. Ravenmore

    2D Platformer Tiles!

    [attachment=32235:6zSYqZ.gif] Hello there!    Just dropped in to let you know my platformer pack got even bigger recently:   I've added a much requested animated character including Spriter source files and a Construct 2 demo project. That's on top of over 200 nice, clean, high-res tiles! Hope you'll have tons of fun with them :)   Most importantly the price hasn't changed, and stands at a measly 12$.   You can grab the whole pack at:  https://ravenmore.itch.io/2d-painterly-tiles   And there are some live demos available for the animated character and the tileset in general. Take a peek while you're here! :)   Thanks for reading :)   [sharedmedia=core:attachments:23390]
  8. Ravenmore

    2D Platformer Tiles: Winter

    Update:   Fresh new itch.io profile with nice clean storefronts and updated descriptions for all assets! This follows a solid permanent reduction in price for all assets.   https://ravenmore.itch.io/   Bonus: there's a cool bundle available! You can get all my stuff in one go for half price   https://itch.io/s/3206/ravenmores-ravishing-rabate   Or just enjoy 10% off on each item separately   Have fun!    PS. Promo ends this week, so you only have a few more days left!
  9. Hi!   I've just extended my Platformer Tiles set with a Winter expansion :)   [attachment=30820:splash.jpg]   There's a fresh new store page for it at itch.io:   2D Platformer Tiles: Winter   It's currently available at a very low price (half of what it used to be ;)).   By the way, my previous set is also discounted until further notice! Grab it while it's hot :)   2D Platformer Tiles   Thanks for reading! :)
  10. Hiya guys,   In around 5 hours ADOM on Steam will go live   ADOM is a classic Roguelike developed between 1994 and 2002 as a labor of love of one man - Thomas Biskup. It came back with a bang in 2012 after a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign. This time with a five-man strong indie team with Thomas at the helm.   ADOM is unforgivingly hard, it has a storyline and it's deeper and more complex than Underdark on a rainy day (whaaat?). It also comes with shiny new graphics, lots of game customization options, and the possibility to go full ASCII at the flick of a switch.   You can take a closer look at:   http://www.adom.de/   Best way to support us is to give us a hand with our Thunderclap.it campaign:  That, and buying the game ofcourse.   https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/34484-adom-steam-mega-launch       Thanks for reading/watching
  11. Ravenmore

    2D Platformer Level Pack :)

    Instead of starting a new topic I'll just bump this quickly since it's very much related:   I've added a cheap interface set to my assets (see attached screenshot). It works very well with the fantasy level set above :) In fact I used that set as a background when designing the UI. It's dirt cheap at around 5$.   You can check it out at the Scirra store, with other stores (GameDev Market...and even Unity Asset Store perhaps?) following soon. More details will be available on my site later this week.   https://www.scirra.com/store/royalty-free-graphics/2d-fantasy-gui-1281     Have fun :)
  12. Hello there all you crazy game devs   My brand new Platformer Pack just hit the stores. If you're building a platformer, this might be your thing:) Best places to grab it are:   Itch.io or the Unity Asset Store   Pack is pretty huge, with over 200 hand-painted items inside, plus a small document with tips on how to best use these assets to build nice levels for your game.   Thanks for reading & hope you like it!
  13. Hi!  Just letting you all know I'm giving away some of my paid assets in exchange for simple poetry Details are on my site (http://dycha.net/2015/08/gamedevhaiku/) but here's a too long / didn't read version:   Submit a Gaming, or Game Development themed Haiku (or any Haiku-resembling poem of your creation, I’m not really picky ) in the comments here:   https://www.facebook.com/RavenmoreArt/posts/1061173470582910   For a chance to win some of my Game Dev assets. If you hate FB use the contact form on this page instead. Use subject “Haiku”.   It's not a very serious affair, I don't want to pace you guys too much, just give away some free stuff by next Sunday So why not give it a go! Prizes include all of my paid assets: https://www.gamedevmarket.net/member/Ravenmore/ As well as a brand new free-form hand-painted 2D Platformer set with over 250 elements (Tiny part of it is on the promo poster).   Edit: pardon the typo in the title ;)
  14. I've just released a nifty little RPG/Fantasy icon pack on Game Dev Market Contains 54 icons with elemental backgrounds, pretty cool for magic/skills/abilities in your UI.   6 different items x 9 backgrounds. Sizes: 64x64, 128x128 and 256x256.     Other store links:   GameDev Market Scirra.com (Construct 2) Store   My other hand-painted stuff:   Painterly Platformer Pack     Scirra.com Store GameDev Market Live Demo!     2D Space Shooter Assets - 'Space Rage'     GameDev Market     I'll just run this one thread and bump it as needed when new stuff arrives   In case you have questions, requests or comissions there's a nifty easy to use contact form on my site. Feel free to use it You can also post in this thread with feedback and ...just about anything really ;)   Other ways to get in touch:     [twitter]RavenmoreArt[/twitter] on Twitter. Facebook http://dycha.net - website.   Wow! Thanks for reading this far Have a great day!
  15. Ravenmore

    2D Space Shooter Set

    After a longer break  my next set is out. Following the wildly successful Platformer Pack and some free sets that followed it, it's time to reach for the final frontier! 4 Enemies with animations (turning for ships, rotating for mines). Each in 3 colors. 1 Player ship with turning animation in two colors Shadows for all of the above (animations included)>/li> Three explosion animations, 9-11 frames each Set of bullets in three colors and different sizes Four frame blue exhaust animation Simple space background 700x800px And as crazy as it sounds...this is all hand-painted. Including the "3D" ship turning animations :) No 3D models were used as base.   Depending on feedback, I'd also like to create add-ons for this set - some sort of terrain tiles, an UI. Generally create a modular space game set that would work out of the box with just 3 basic elements (this starter set, a level tileset and an UI).   You can grab it at GameDev Market   And here's a tiny sample (the set consists of ~150 sprites/animation frames).       Thanks for reading! Have fun with these   PS. As always I'm taking in suggestions as to what you'd like to see next, regarding this asset pack or future ones.
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