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    Did I begin learning late?

      Nothing is to late to learn and it is something that we would be doing in our lifetime. But simply to answer your question, there is no age limit onto when to learn programming; just need to have motivation and determination in achieving it. That is essential thing of  a programmer, is that they never set a ground rules and limits in when to stop programming as they would build more and more onto it. Python is a great choice for beginners, as it has a simple syntax and it helps you to get going. My tip is, always run your program! No matter how silly your program looks, always run it and see if is going to compile correct; one of the skills you want to pickup when you programming is the ability to debug your own codes.
  2. hahajoker181

    Types of Programming

    Thanks, I think I should keep my mind open and hoping to find something that catches my interest in future, by doing some research in other subjects and enhance my knowledge in programming at the same time. One more thing, in the university I am planning to go, most of third year students in Software Eng. they would focus something that is implemented to our lifestyle. So, I am most likely try to build a simple simulation and see where I go with my project.
  3. Any special reason why you are doing this?  It's probably one of the worst way to structure a project... And perhaps even VS doesn't like files of that size if it screws up the outlining. Try smaller files and see if it still happens.   Agreed. You shouldn't keep 15k lines in one file, it is the best to keep them in separate file. This may increase the performance and also there are other reasons to go along. If you lose the file, than it will be frustrating to rewrite the entire program again. 
  4. Hi, I would like to know types of programming that there are, I am sure there is more. Artificial Intelligence Networking Game Programming Cryptography Data Mining And so on... I am wondering which of them should I get going? I know the basics in programming up to the point to OOP and planning to learn C++. My previous experience were Python, Java and C# (All which I learnt at the point OOP and pretty much stopped). I want to create a game, but the logic behind seems to be very complicated to understand.   Finally, which would you recommend to program? I just want to enhance my knowledge and cover all the concepts, since I dug a hole so deep from learning different languages and not sure where to start.   One more thing, I am planning to do Software Engineer next year, as I already applied to university and waiting for my offer. In other words, I am practicing programming not for hobby, but an essential skill that can help me in future throughout my second and third year in university.   Quick edit: I am not asking the type of programming language to focus, and I am mainly going to focus on C++/Java. I guess the word "algorithm" would be the best to describe my case scenario. 
  5. hahajoker181

    OK, so... what now?

    I was going to create a new thread, but I decided to post in this thread; since it kind relates to your question. Before getting into my question, here is some resource for C# that I have learnt in the past 3 days, and I am very familiar with the concepts now.   C# Tutorial http://csharp.net-tutorials.com/   Well my question is: where to go now? Should I start Game Programming?   I have grasped C# concepts: Logical Operators Foreach, for, while, do loops Conditions/switch statements  Methods/Functions Classes Static Visibility: public, private, protected Interfaces Abstract Inheritance I think with this concept it is good enough for me at least start to do Game Programming, or would I need to learn more to understand Game Programming? I just simply want to make a snake or a pong game before creating a more advance game. Where would I find good resources and libraries to use?
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