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  1. RT @nedroid: I should get a bigger monitor. I feel like I barely have room to draw on this thing. http://t.co/M9IdRJXxqg
  2. Hey there Cthulhu RT @physorg_space: Scientists discover #seamount in Pacific #ocean http://t.co/htG2zB5UjN @uofnh
  3. RT @KalitroIII: Hoy casi suelto un «¿Qué me van a parecer tontos los de letras? Si alguno de mis mejores amigos son de letras.» y me he sen…
  4. RT @MaraWritesStuff: The day I find my future kids' porn stash, I'm making them watch a musical with me and saying this is to real life wha…
  5. RT @ashtonraze: So hey, Runers came out the other day and I *really* like it and you should check it out ok http://t.co/bqN8jQNJk5
  6. Leo en las noticias imaginarias del tablero de mi cuarto que el mundo se ha llenado de progres y feministas de la noche a la mañana.
  7. RT @emaaanc: "What if the coins you find randomly at the bottom of/between things are actually from spiders trying to pay rent?" http://t.c…
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