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  1. ZamalekEG

    where to travel for learning?

    still looking for answers ^.^
  2. ZamalekEG

    where to travel for learning?

    exactly i would like to be in team work and learn in real life rather than the internet
  3. ZamalekEG

    where to travel for learning?

    I am from Egypt
  4. ZamalekEG

    Oort Online. The biggest sandbox ever!

    good job
  5. Hello guys i am studying computer science and i am going to the third year , so i have 2 years only left for graduation i would like to learn c++ for game programming , in my country there is no good places to teach programming and to be honest i passed the first 2 years without even setup the c# visual studio on my computer i was studying on the paper. education is very bad but i don't want to take it as a reason for my failure , sometimes i feel that programming is for smart people and not for me and the professional programmers has another brain different than mine and i feel that i am so stupid and will never be a good programmer and i will fail in all my life ( i dont have self confident at all and i dont like it) so i want to test the last thing i wanna go to learn programming in the right way and i wonder where is the best place to go for learning c++ and game development , india? or us or uk? and how much it will cost , and will i have to join a university from the begining or there are places that specialized in c++ and game programming only , and will it take another 4 years? thanks :)
  6. ZamalekEG

    Digital Trading Card Game / MMORPG Project

    Very nice work really and very nice designs O.o u are so talented guys :d so when will this game be available and will it be available on desktop or only smartphones?
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