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    How does one create flexible pixel art?

      A lot of 2D games go for these options nowadays, it saves a lot of time. Personally I prefer the visual style of good quality pixel art, but it can be quite time consuming, therefore you don't see the art style used a lot these days (with the exception of indie games)
  2. JonathanLyons

    SkidsDev Game Programming Tutorials

    Nice, I like developer blogs. I think its great you are posting code on there as well, though you should try to find a format that allows people to expand or minimize code to allow for quicker scrolling, but perhaps thats not possible on blogspot? Anyway, good luck and I'll check it out once in a while, would love to see some more screenshots!
  3. JonathanLyons

    Digital Trading Card Game / MMORPG Project

    Wow this looks stunning! I hope your kickstarter will make it with just 6 days to go. I'll make sure to pick up an early bird pack when I get home later today! Good luck!
  4. It is definately possible, to be honest I don't have too much expertise in this field, but I think -500k is quite realistic for a small scale game. I think the problem with most small budget games is that they try to cut costs everywhere. My advice is to not cut costs on people you hire (within reasonable amounts of course). In the end, you usually get what you pay for and hiring cheap employees or even students will likely leave you with sloppy code and artwork. Anyway, good luck!
  5. JonathanLyons

    Trading Card Game 101

    It kind of depends how you want to approach the game in terms of visuals (pure top down 2D or a setting including 3D objects). Either way Unity3D is a fine choice in my opinion, especially if you have the most experience with that engine. Good Luck! Let us know if you make progress
  6. JonathanLyons

    Son of Nor

    Hey this is looking really interesting.  I'm going to follow this! I love the behind the scenes & developer logs, keep them coming
  7. JonathanLyons

    Naming An Indie Game

  8. JonathanLyons

    Naming An Indie Game

    Wow, honestly I never thought about the importance of a name before. And finding a good name is probably getting harder and harder with the rise of so many indie games!
  9. JonathanLyons

    How to start?

      No, I don't have any, but I am interested on the piano.   Piano or keyboard is a great place to start. The thing is, you need to practice and develop a style before you can effectively start to create music for your game. I personally think a tangible device like a keyboard is the best place to start. it helps in creating a 'feel' for the music. Good luck!
  10. JonathanLyons

    Does my method make sense?

    Would the games play alike or be very different due to the different factions? If the latter I would try to keep it in a single game, it will allow you to create focus on a single project.   Perhaps you could do it like in Dragon Age Origins, where depending on what role you choose the opening chapters are different?
  11. JonathanLyons

    Math for Game Developers: Calculus

      They would. At least most of them would. I wasn't really interested in physics before getting into game development. But now that I've experienced myself how those principles could be used, I'm more motivated to study it.   Interesting, it would be great if they used game development to teach kids about these subjects in schools.
  12. JonathanLyons

    Game development for kids guide

    There was this kickstarter project named CodeSpells I think. It might be interesting for you to check out, it is about teaching children to code by playing a game
  13. JonathanLyons

    Web App Development?

        This can't be real, right?
  14. JonathanLyons

    Frongames.com is up

    So, is it possible for others to upload games as well?
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