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    A Single/Multi-player RPG Made by You

  2. JustinBGamingDev

    A Single/Multi-player RPG Made by You

    Thanks for the feedback your answers will be counted :D   I'll talk to Shasha and we'll get this settled :D
  3. JustinBGamingDev

    A Single/Multi-player RPG Made by You

    The thing is, different people are likely to want different things, and a game made of the peak responses of various respondents won't necessarily appeal all that much to many of them. To give an example, I might like sandbox action-RPGs with no puzzles; another person might like linear, story-heavy RPGs with no puzzles; still another might like linear action-RPGs with lots of puzzles. The survey result for that would presumably give a linear action-RPG with no puzzles, thus satisfying none of the respondents.   Hmm... You say that you're wanting for ideas; have you considered asking specifically after genres, game-types or settings that people think are underutilised at the moment? That might provide some interesting ideas without the cacophony of interests that a survey seems likely to provide.   However, to provide some sort of answer: I'm going to ignore the option for a non-RPG included in question (1), since I feel that it broadens the scope of this far too much; a fair bit of the rest of the survey would be invalidated by some potential answers, I think.   So, presuming that we're talking about an RPG, I tend to like games that: Use a fantasy setting. Are story-heavy. Have little to no grinding (I'm a fan of quest-XP instead of combat-XP, for example). And are purely single-player, and can be played without an internet connection active (excluding initial download if bought digitally, of course).   I really don't mind whether the game is 2D or 3D; aesthetic quality is what I find important, I believe. I understand what you're saying and I agree with what you're saying. I know that some people have other likes and dislike when it comes to gaming. I for one like the 2d action RPG, like something made from RPGEngine XP or whatever it was called :P and Shasha, our Visual Artist likes 3d Open world RPG's. Because of that this is why this thread was made, I throw out some ideas and people put in their input of what they think will work best. The team then analyzes this data then we all come to a conclusion. Yes, I know that means only one single game will be made but it might have a feature or a certain thing that you really wanted. That's what this thread is about. Getting ideas from fans and developer of games to make a game that was literally made by fan decisions coming together. I absolutely appreciate your feedback and thanks for an answer, I can assure you the game will be very aesthetically appealing :D 
  4. JustinBGamingDev

    A Single/Multi-player RPG Made by You

    Thanks for the response, the team and I have gone through many ideas on what we can do, but none of us thought of some ideas that appealed to the other team members, Robert, the music composer thought of this idea I have since been posting on other sites as well to get some more feedback. I also would like to say that their is no say sorry as this is a very valid point, and I would like to thank you for suggesting that, but I can assure you that all of the other members are ready for anything and will try everything to make sure what you want to get in the game. :D
  5. JustinBGamingDev

    A Single/Multi-player RPG Made by You

    Thanks for the feedback I have already started a similar thread on multiple forums and I am currently waiting for responses. As for the part about being passionate about a game using this kind of start up, I believe that the team will be all for it as I have asked them multiple time on how we should start this project. One of the other partners suggested this method (His name is Robert and he will handle Composing of music) I thought it was a good idea to see what the people want. The other three people agreed, and then came this thread. So I can guarantee you that I will be passionate about this project and so will the rest of the team. Again thanks for the feedback. :D
  6. Hello and welcome to this thread!   PLEASE ONLY VOTE ONCE   This thread will be more of a survey than an actual game thread. I will be asking you people what you prefer and I will be posting the results of the survey in about 2 weeks. I will then be compiling the results of this survey thingy with my team and we will then begin game development.   Please Answer These Questions in a Response Below:   Question 1: What kind of RPG should this be? a). Fantasy RPG b). Sci-Fi RPG c). Action RPG D). Sidescrolling with 1 of the above options(Post the other type) E). Other type of RPG(Post below) F). Other type of game(NOT rpg Post Below)   Question 2: Single player or multiplayer? a). Singleplayer b). Multiplayer   If you answered singleplayer on question 2 continue to question 4 if you chose multiplayer then go to question 3   Question 3: What type of Multiplayer? a). Massively Multiplayer Online b). Instance Based Multiplayer c). Singleplayer with optional multiplayer in start menu(like Borderlands) D). Multiplayer overworld but limited players in dungeons(like Destiny but with enemies in overworld) E). Other type of multiplayer(Please Specify)   Question 4: Quest Heavy or Heavy Grinding? a). Quest Heavy b). Grinding Heavy c). Moderate Questing and Grinding d). None   Question 5: Based off Real world or nah? a). Real World b). Fake world c). Mixture off both   Question 6: Roles needed to kill bosses? a). Yes b). No   Question 7: 2D or 3D? a). 2D b). 3D c). Other (Please Specify)   That's all for now. Thanks for participating if you did. We really appreciate it. Please answer them below and if you and other agree that will be the one chosen. In a few days I will add some new things to the survey with some monsters/NPC's that you can write what you want them to look like and I'll post them as soon as the teams artist can get the image done. Thanks again for reading if you read the whole thing. Goodbye
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