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    Mobile Game Dev Project Management

    Hello everyone, with some of the information I have been given from you guys and a bit more talking with my Tutor I have (to the best of my understanding) finished the assignment and is now submitted for Grading I probably should of produced the scenario, I was a I.T Manager who firstly had to write a proposal to get into the App Dev market for my clients, I chose games because well, why not? Though I agree Orymus3 I didn't quite understand what it was meant to achieve but I am sure all will open up as it is only my first group of assignments. I thank you all for your very nice thought out responses, it was definitely appreciative. I will definitely visit here more often, whether for help or for entertainment/lulz. I shall see you guys around here soon! Goodbye.
  2. Antony Zito

    Mobile Game Dev Project Management

    Thank you guys! Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday, kinda got caught up in Destiny.. haha. I have read bits and pieces and will be studying tomorrow so I will come back here and try out your information and see how I go with trying this assignment. I shall return here Sunday with how I went and any following questions, just thought I'd let you know I haven't abandoned thread. :P
  3. Hello I am a student currently doing Digital and Interavtive Games and my current Assignment is a spread sheet I need to fill out, I am finding it hard to find the right information to help me fill out the Spread Sheet so I thought I'd come here and see if anyone who has already developed an Application or Game in general could help me with a bit of the information I am looking for. The pictures I have provided are the basics of what I need to do, I am having trouble places the right jobs in the right order, how many weeks does it usually take on the one job, what happens once that Role (i.e Artist) is finished and the 12 weeks aren't over? I have been on this for 2 days and I don't know about the rest of you but I can't seem to wrap my head around it. If you could help I'd be greatly appreciative, I am not asking to fill it out for me but a good bit of direction would be nice.
  4. Antony Zito

    Would you Still Play Nintendo 64-Quality Games?

    I used to be all about updated graphics as it was always the most noticable difference in new-er games. It wasn't until I played games such as Borderlands 2 that I started to care little about Graphics and unltra-realistic looking environments. The cartoon aspect of Borderlands makes the game just as much as the gameplay itself, if the game flows well I don't mind much. I'd still play N64 looking games if they were textured and smoothered out with new gen engines just for the clarity, I find it hard to actually play an N64 game for as long as I can play games such as Forza 5 or Battlefield and such.
  5. Antony Zito


    I didn't see any place for Introductions but this seemed the best place for something so trivial. I just want to say obviously I am new here, been gaming for a long time and at this current point in my life I am doing a Diploma in Digital and Interactive Games. So I thought there'd be no better place to help learn while I study than a Forum. So Hello to you all, my name is Antony and I hope (if I remember) to be an active member here and learn from all of you new and old in this wonderful (yet occasionally whingey) profession we have all chosen.
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