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    kim jong un

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  4. Jack Tahaki Banta

    portfolio feedback

    I really appreciate the feedback.  I don't think you were being harsh, just honest which is what I needed :).  I agreed with everything  you said.  I guess I need to start focusing on either characters or environment.
  5. Jack Tahaki Banta

    portfolio feedback

    hello, I'm a student game artist in my Junior year and I am about to start applying for internships.  I am wondering if anyone has any advice or comments on my portfolio to help me out.  It's hard to find critics in my school for some reason, even with the teachers...   http://www.jackbanta.com
  6. Jack Tahaki Banta

    first game character

    just finished my first game character from scratch.  It was a fun experience.    
  7. Jack Tahaki Banta

    Feedback 3D Character Model

    first of all, this is a great model.  some things to improve on I believe are the finger nails.  currently they are skin color. you should change that color to show that he has fingernails.  The pants and shirts need a texture overlay for diffuse and normal map to  make it look more like fabric and less smooth.  same for the jacket if you are going for leather.  It doesnt need to be strong, just enough to give it the illusion or feeling.  if you aren't going for super realistic of course than don't worry about that.  Also, now that riuthamus said something about the camel toe it bothers me alot. but other than that, it is great work. whoever did this should be proud. Alot better than most people I know.
  8. Jack Tahaki Banta

    When would a game artist use a tablet?

    As a 2D and 3D artist, I would not be able to work without a tablet. Bamboo if you do photography.  Intuos or higher for the rest. you can probably get away with bamboo but if it's a career, why not work with the standards. right?
  9. Jack Tahaki Banta

    level design - 3d cinematics

    didn't think about that lol. not sure how to do it either. Started using this program 3 months ago.  I'll probably check it out now that you said that. I'm sure there is a checkbox somewhere in the world properties.
  10. Jack Tahaki Banta

    level design - 3d cinematics

    I put it back up for you :)
  11. Jack Tahaki Banta

    level design - 3d cinematics

    thank you everyone.  all these things were areas I never noticed. time to get to work :)
  12. Jack Tahaki Banta

    level design - 3d cinematics

    let me know what you think about it. any improvements that need to be made and such would be appreciated.    
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