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  1. The reason not to have multiple win32 controls is that I want to "blend those controls" together a bit... and having different stuff won't probably work (or will become messy with signals).   What I'm really interested in is if there's an advantage on using win32 window controls instead of rendering my own ones: how are signals for redrawing parts of the client area handled if I render my controls?   Do I have to redraw everything each time even a small corner of the client win32 area gets covered and then uncovered?
  2. Since I'm a newbie I've probably written something terribly wrong, sorry    What I'm trying to do is to render my controls with GDI+ into a window client area (every single one I use... the app is a simple one and doesn't use many :) )   Since I'm rendering everything in that area (and I wanted those controls to "blend a bit" together) I kind of disliked the idea of having multiple different win32 control windows. Is there an alternative?
  3. Thanks! Yes I'm creating custom GDI+ controls and drawing them from scratch.   One more question if I may: I'm trying to create an entire custom UI and right now I'm doing something like this in the window's WM_PAINT event case WM_PAINT:     for_each( visible_control )         paint_that_control(window_hdc); I somehow feel that this approach is painfully slow and I'd like some advice.. I'd like to avoid creating multiple win32 elements, is there another better approach?
  4. I'd like to draw simple shapes (e.g. a triangle filled with a color) in one of my GDI+ controls. How should I go for that? If I'm not mistaken one might store the bitmap for the triangle in the resources and then call LoadBitmap, but I don't really like this method. Is there any other way of doing this? Is it possible to extract a bitmap of the scene and somehow draw to it? I definitely need some suggestions here please
  5. As far as I know GDI+ is a Windows-only API, anyway I've read around that one might write his code in GDI+ and be able to port it to linux with something like this:   Is this true? Does anyone have experience of GDI+ applications that can also run on linux?
  6. Thanks to both of you! Very much appreciated   Unfortunately this stuff is very poor documented, I should get a copy of Petzold's book I suppose. Thanks!
  7. I'm new to GDI and I'm trying to figure out how to get a RECT object (with bottom,left,top,right coordinates in logical units) from a HRGN handle of the clipping region.   Is there a way to do this or am I getting something wrong in how to use them? 
  8. That's probably the best thing to do and now I feel stupid for not having thought of it in the first place.. thanks tonemgub! It's really been a while since I used win32 stuff..
  9. I'm trying to use GDI+ to create a small text editor and I'd like the caret to blink in and out with a small transparency in the middle (i.e. from a complete visible caret | to an invisible one passing through a semi-transparent one)   Anyway I don't know how to "time" things in GDI+. How can I achieve such an effect? I think there's no guarantee of a timed response when invoking InvalidateRect or the like
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