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  1.   That works for me. Thanks
  2.   Nice approach but maybe wrong. You take two polygons and check if any line between two points of one polygon intersects with a line of the other one. But consider the case if you have a small rocket which is actually a polygon too and  the polygon of a zombie. The rocket is by far smaller than the zombie and if the rocket moves very fast, maybe 5 pixels per frame, you got the case that the rocket is suddenly in the mid of the zombie but no collision is detected.
  3.   Graphic images like .png files. 1D? I've got a X and a Y axis. That's 2D or not? I don't get what you mean. Can you please explain it in more detail?   cheers
  4. Hello everyone,   Currently I work on a GTA 1 or 2 - like zombie shooter in Java and I don't know exactly how to handle collisions in this game. My first approach was to preload a zombie image for each direction the zombie can move and a standard pixel perfect collision detection. But since I added some animation for the zombies the image sizes bloated up my memory. Now I try to use a rotate on a zombie at runtime but with that I'm not able to manage the collisions. I've googled a lot but I didn't found any suitable solution. Is there anyone who knows a pixel perfect or similar solution for collision detection on rotated sprites. Simple bounding circles are not quite enough for me.   Cheers   Mr.Moon
  5. Hello everyone,   I'm programming a 2D zombieshooter with a perspective like GTA or Hotline Miami and I'm thinking about how to manage rotating the sprites. I don't know if it's better to create an image for every direction and preload them or rotating the images at runtime and have a more complicated collision detection. But in the first case maybe I have an overflow of RAM if the game has many moving objects.   Can you help me?   Cheers,   Mr. Moon
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