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  1. Hey guys, we(BurnTronic) have released our newest game "Spiky Tower". In "Spiky Tower" it's all about climbing up the tower to get a new High Score. On your way to the top of the leaderboard you should not touch the Spikes and collect as many gems as possible to unlock new characters! In Multiplayer Mode the game really comes to life. You can play with your friends or just play a quick match against a random opponent.   You can download it here.     Let us know If you have any criticism/suggestions for improvement.     Greetings Team BurnTronic  
  2. Hey guys, I'm happy to present my latest game "Smashing" Boxes for Android. Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....smashingBoxes Smashing Boxes is an entertaining physic puzzle game. Use the realistic physics and different kinds of boxes like Wooden-, Iron-, TNT- and Ice-boxes to guide Mr. Egg to his yellow box. Explore different worlds, each with its own unique background! We will regularly extend your gaming experience with new levels, boxes and other stuff. - Realistic physics  - 36 Easy to difficult puzzle levels(more coming soon) - 5 Different box types - Created with Unreal Engine 4 Let me know If you have any criticism/suggestions for improvement! Greetings Barrock   
  3. Barrock

    [FREE] Mr Swing

    Hi! I'm happy to present my latest game Mr Swing for Android.   Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.burntronic.mrswing   Bring Mr Swing to swing, but watch out for obstacles! Share your highscore with your friends. Compare who is the best.   How far can you go?   ? Simple but addictive ? Timeless Gameplay ? Collect as many coins as you can ? Unlock new outfits ? Online highscores via Google Play                          
  4. Barrock

    Android App "Tap The Color"

    Hi,  I have released a new version with online ranking and achievements. Feel free to test it. Link to the app: Play Store
  5. Hello, first sorry for my bad english, but I would be glad, if you would take a look at my first app   Description   Tap The Color   Touch as fast and as many tiles of the same color as possible in one minute. The more tiles of the same color you touch, the higher the multiplier and the more points you get.   Compare your highscore with friends and find out who is the best!   Download   You can test it here.
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