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  1. rbcheck

    Programing language for 3D games

      Is Lua also a language used in Havocks' engine.?
  2. rbcheck

    Programing language for 3D games

      Thanks the course is open, start anytime.  I downloaded book and started class since it is C# specifically for game programing.  Between that and Havoc engine I should be overwhelmed.
  3. rbcheck

    Programing language for 3D games

      Sorry It is my fault for such a large range of inquiry although related.  I was interested in finding something that breaks down the teams in a large production game such as Skyrim, Destiny, uncharted or Assassins Creed and how programing and  modeling relate to those jobs and the tools used or made for them.
  4. rbcheck

    Breaking the frame

      thanks, makes perfect sense, I feel like I went from Tim Allens cavemen who doesn't get it Huhhh to one that does Ohhhh   I would imagine the conundrums created with programing and graphic engines get pretty odd.
  5. rbcheck

    Programing language for 3D games

    thanks to all, I'm a little overwhelmed with information to the point of rereading the whole thread.  Is there a C++ book or site that does not start off with Hello world or this approach?  It just seems backwards.     Forgive me if I miss step this but in Chess you learn all the pieces how they move, then how they worked together, then the pawn structure and setting up out post for the other pieces.   Maybe I am looking at the wrong books but I had hoped to see the list of commands, how they are structured and the syntax, and then how to use those commands and its result along with leading how to combine them in structure to obtain larger objectives.   second any thoughts on best method of learning C#   As far as engines, I'm pretty much sold on Havok and related tools just seems to relate more of the type game that interest me.
  6. rbcheck

    Breaking the frame

    In lay terms can someone explain what is going on.  I have experienced it in Elder scroll series.  One moment your character is outside a beautiful graphic of a building and the next you are in side a of the walls and it is all lines.  Sometimes you get out and sometimes not.  The good side is you see a chest and figure out there is actually a graphical box that is being used as a tool.  In my instance it is the inventory of what a vendor character has for sell.   I have seen it on purpose as when my son found an online cheat that requires one to hop over a wall where it was not supposed to be possible.  He circumnavigates the normal fast travel or front door feature and gone around the games programing sequence.  It allows him to walk behind the city where the character drops down through the frame and walk under the structures.    along the same line the terrain is supposed to cover parts of the under lying contents that are graphic objects but used as tools for the game supposed to be hidden however enough is either close enough or barely exposed to the landscape above that an option to access the contents for a vendor 100 yards away pops up out of the ground.   In an imperfect world it is a glitch something you hope to avoid but is also brief insight to the nature of game programming.   Thanks Ross  
  7. I can not say I am more of a logic person with interest in chess and the Boolean type  flow chart of a game over my love of graphics, art and animation. So I suppose my questions are more for the application of 3D, open world games that operate both 1st person and 3rd that utilize weapons and shooter along with puzzles in flow of the story line or RPG games.    I was wondering if someone could expand on the topic of programing language for a beginner.  I noticed a lot of web sites listed C++  but then others say that is a hard place to start and C# visual C might be better?  I had used a little VB but that was Pre ver 4 in the 90's. More specific why one is better in an area than the other from both the learning curve but also the point of what you can accomplish better in one than another?   I notices Some places mentioned Python as on this site I take it as a Script type program?  I downloaded the 3.4.1 but was wondering is someone could explain how it applies to game programing.   The PS4 and x-box one brought me to the question of the use of open BSD but I am unsure of what aspect of current platforms it is being used for?     While I get 1 person is not going to write the sound, visual effects, story line, game AI and the list of components, I was hopping to lean enough to get on board as part of a projects.  I get it, you play game games, you love them and you have this absurd idea of wanting to create them.  Like most other than Mods for Civilizations and Elder scrolls; I know there are a lot of different aspects and skill sets for many parts of an actual large scale Game.  This seems to be a small part of what the Book Game Coding complete 4th ed gets into.  Are there other resources or books that kind of break the game programing industry into the components and jobs?   No I will not be going to school on line or in person.  Being disabled for the 14 years comes with a whole set of problems but It not mean when permitted by health I can not try to find some line of interest to add some income.  Provided I do not get sucked into a hole playing Destiny.   Thanks Ross
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