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  1. Alright, I really want to start diving into this. Let's say I want to learn C#, and Unity and focus on the iOS platform. This is with me going at this as a solo project. Is this a good starting point? 
  2.   Thank you for the advice. I think that is a sound approach. I was thinking Unity may be a good tool to use for my needs, would you agree? If so, what language would compliment that? I had been looking into C# and started learning that a little bit (still know next to nothing), should I continue with that to get started? Platform I can narrow down after I know which tools to use.    I understand that this forum probably sees similar questions all of the time, but I didn't see any that addressed this specifically (working as a solo programmer) so I really just want to decide on my tools and get to work. Thank you again for taking the time to answer me!
  3. Hello Current and Future Game Dev Elite,         I am at the very beginning of wanting to start learning how to develop my own games. In doing so i have been reading a lot of these forums and elsewhere and have been starting to get a picture of what I really want to accomplish when I set out to learn how to develop games. Originally, I thought that I wanted to get good at a language and hone my skills and try to land a job at one of the big developers. The more I soul-search'd on this topic I think I may be more interested in taking on a project on my own, or possibly with a small team.         With that being said, I know that I need to rein in my expectations of what I am going to be able to accomplish on my own. I'm probably not going to be releasing the next big MMO with a one man team (probably not before 2050 anyway). So before I start to get my hands dirty in some coding and set myself on a path to begin teaching myself, I want to make sure that I am; a) being realistic about the types of games I can make, and b) learning the tools that are going to give me the ability to create the environments and game play that I want to make.          I am going to start with 2D coding while I'm learning, but I want to be able to eventually make 3D games as well. I also want to be able to learn and implement networking and multi-player support. I would like the ability to reach as many platforms as possible but my order of priority would be PC/MAC, Mobile, Consoles (in that order).          Hopefully that is enough information for any of you to be able to recommend the tools I should focus on. Thank you all in advance!
  4. Cynnir

    Programing language for 3D games

    I don't completely understand this statement yet, but I think I know what your getting at. I have heard a lot about Unity, and it seems like something I might look into at some point. Is Unity related to C#, kind of like Havok is related to C++? I thought I had seen it referenced somewhere that it was.
  5. Cynnir

    Programing language for 3D games

    I have found a couple resources that you might look into. One is available for free on Microsoft Virtual Academy and is C# from the very beginning. You can just search once you are on MSVA to find it. The other is on Coursera and it is a live class that starts Sept. 16 which is essentially supposed to be the same curriculum as if you paid the $1500 or so to attend the course at Colorado University. Here's a link to check it out: https://www.coursera.org/course/gameprogramming I just started the MSVA one and have never tried Coursera but I plan to attend the upcoming course. Hopefully that information helps you, and as I am just as much (if not, more so) of a beginner as you I can't speak to the best method of learning. If anyone else has other suggestions I would be happy to hear them as well.
  6. Anxious to learn programming
  7. Cynnir

    Programing language for 3D games

    In reading this forum as an absolute beginner, and also from looking at experience requirements at job postings for software companies I would like to work for C++ seems to be the industry standard for AAA games. I also am picking up on the message that C++ is not necessarily the best place for someone who is just starting with programming (like me). For this reason I think I have settled on learning C# for my entrance into the programming world. My question is how much of what I learn in C# is going to translate to C++ when I begin to learn that language? As I mentioned it seems like C++ is going to be required if I want to compete for a position at a premier game developer (please correct me if I'm wrong). Looking forward to your responses.
  8. Cynnir

    Did I begin learning late?

    I am glad I came across this thread. I'm 33 and I am just now starting on a path of learning a language. I have not even completely decided on the language I want to start with. I would love to be 15 years old and be starting to learn programming. I was just reading about how the average life-span a little over 100 years ago was about 35 and that made me feel ancient, but then considering that I'm going to my aunts 99th birthday party next week I think I still have plenty of time! Keep a strong attitude and stay focused on what you want. I'm not going to let anyone tell me I'm too old, you shouldn't either.
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