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    Best First Project?

    tutorials are fine if you can comprehend them, and 1 way of teaching does not work with all people and since there is no way to communicate tutorials are one sided and the internet is a vast maze of tutorials I do appreciate the thought but I believe if I am gonna do tutorials I need someone to hold my hand and no one will teach for free that way so the best way for me to learn is to experiment and practice the engine exploring myself and doing projects blindly til I get the money for schooling.
  2. Guy Cecil

    Best First Project?

    I am thinking that maybe I should practice a bit but maybe not. I am not a pro so I seek advice from those who know what they are doing. Should I practice by working on a fanmade game (yeah I know this is a very sensitive style of game design the only legal ones I see thus far to be openly distributed is touhou which is not an issue for me I like the art style) or jump right into my own series with no experience possibly wrecking any potential for story and plot and making a bad game. 1. I do have help and this game is going to be an action rpg and he is helping me script game maker studio to make the RPG mechanics built in to it. 2. I have no intent to throw RMXP away when I do go for the main series I plan on making it on multiple genre so RMXP will be my 2D turn based and maker3D will be my 3D turn based. This is all hard work and I do not expect it to be done over night.  
  3. Minecraft's multiplayer is what's got me in awe ok i will look at unity a bit.
  4.   Unity I get so lost their guides are so immense and as far as I know I may be wrong but it's pay to develope (well full access to feature wise) not pay to release -edit- thanks I thought you were gona send me to the unity site this link goes somewhere far more clear sorry I doubted you I meant to be expandable like minecraft the game may not be by default MMO but with enough work server side it can hold MMO sizes multiplayer seems more accurate thanks for correcting me   I will certainly check thanks
  5. I am sick of flaws of a certain game where they either have no clue as to how to balance the community and stats of an MMO or/and just love to watch people outside Kr writhe in pain to the point it only pushes my creativity in my head even further, I wish to start with making a game so I know what feels like to work with making the games and help ease the stress.The MMO I plan to make as a test doesn't have to be complex host management but can be a tuungle lan server as well. I know very little programming possibly none and I am willing to learn for the most part as long as it's not a 3 year course just a step by step tutorial. Please help me find this engine I need I have googled but the page results were litterally OVER 9000!!! (no puns intended) I feel overwhelmed and since I am new to anything but gaming and very little java from minecraft experimentation. So in short details for the engine: 1. Please be user friendly 2.Please be something that requires little programming I am willing to learn a bit but I can't build any programs from scratch  3. I Don't mind a pay to release engine but I can't do any pay to devolope software meaning I make the game and if it works out I then pay to release the game. 4.I am new don't forget I haven't done much outside minecraft in experimentation and play games this is a rather new concept I have tried RPG maker nice place but if you don't have hundreds of $ you aren't gona get far tile sets are a difficult task to make in 2D and also I prefer 2.5D fighting RPGs and even better if I can script it to have quests.
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