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  1. Vendayan

    IRC for Vista 64?

    Does anyone know of an IRC client which will work under a clean install of Vista 64 Ultimate?
  2. Vendayan

    New machine, should I use Vista 64?

    I'm sold then. Much thanks to everyone who responded. The missing Oracle driver might be the only truly negative feedback I've seen which could significantly effect me, but I imagine the wait shouldn't be too bad for it. I use it at work, but as I recall, someone made a SOAP interface at one time for me to be able to access the only Oracle database I foresee needing to use. At least until they develop the drivers. I'm likely going to bump the rig up to the Q9400 as well considering the cost difference is only $15. I also may or may not pony up another $60 for the RAID 5 with 250GB drives, but with the way I eat through drive space in my projects, I should be sending little silver surfers to announce my arrival. In the end I'll probably flip a coin on that one. Thanks again. -V
  3. Vendayan

    New machine, should I use Vista 64?

    Quote:Original post by swiftcoder Quote:Original post by Moe Quote:Original post by Rattenhirn If you want use more that 3 of those 8 GB RAM you have to bite the bullet.Correct. 32 bit Windows has some issues even getting up to 3.8 GB of ram. If you want to be using all that ram, you are going to need a 64 bit OS.Pretty sure the OP was asking whether he should use Vista 64 + 8 gigs or RAM, or Vista/Xp 32 with 4 gigs - based on whether Vista 64 would cause a lot of compatibility headaches. Unfortunately, I have never used Vista 64, so I can't provide an answer. That's very much the case. I'm well aware of the memory restrictions posed by a 32 bit OS. I just want to know the side effects of breaking that barrier. I like hearing these encouraging things about Vista 64, but I work in what's primarily a linux house here, doing web development with (don't hate me Washu) *ahem* java. So the sort of feedback I hear from the people who do work with Vista 64 is usually full of nothing but "!@#$ it, why can't this monstrosity work as well half as well as my Mac or at least as well as XP!" I've heard a lot about issues with flash player most notably as well as with other apps, and -tons- of issues in the beginning about game incompatibilities. I just want to know if I'm going to find any similar headaches or issues developing with DX10. I also plan to commit this order here in about 3 hours so if anyone can see anything wrong or questionable with the specs I'm building here let me know. Especially if I should be going for the Q9400 in order to get the 1333FSB, or if I'll be shafting myself by buying 2 9800s instead of a single 260. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  4. Vendayan

    New machine, should I use Vista 64?

    $1250 is what I'm looking at before tax. Shipping is $30 for everything. That's counting the cost of Vista as well.
  5. My intended build is as follows: Asus board - nVidia 750i chipset Intel Q6700 2.66GHz @ 1066FSB (how much would the Q9400's 1333FSB help me over this one?) 8GB Corsair 800MHz 750GB Seagate 7200RPM Two GeForce 9800 GTX 512MB cards (cheaper than a single GTX 260 currently) 1000W modular powersupply (no extra cords restricting airflow, which is a concern) Fans involve 2 120s and an 80 along with a fan controller in one of the 5" bays. I might drop an expansion slot fan in as well if it will fit with the cards. My questions for the community are: If I drop Vista 64 Ultimate on this box, what sort of issues am I bound to see while gaming? Am I going to suffer more incompatibilities than it's worth for the 8GB of memory? How is the 64 bit driver support for nVidia working lately? What are the DX based development concerns when using Vista 64? Is it time for me to bite this bullet? [Edited by - Vendayan on November 7, 2008 12:33:44 PM]
  6. I've currently started working on am ASP.NET driven site where various teams of independant developers are encouraged to collaborate efforts. Team A might have 4 coders and no artists where Team B might have a more mixed talent, but a less experienced coder. While helping to facilitate their development needs by offering various services, my site will also reward these 2 teams for collaborating. Team A could assist Team B's inexperienced coder if Team B can help out with artwork. My question then regards the legality of it all. I'm wondering if it's possible to cover all copyright issues and protect the teams with a terms of agreement contract. Can anyone offer any insight as to what problems I'm likely to encounter and what would be the best way of dealing with this? I don't want any teams to have to give up any rights to their work and when they do collaborate, all rights to work done for another team should be FORFEITED TO THE RECIPIENT TEAM. Also no teams are allowed to make open sourced projects. This is to protect those who wouldn't want their contributions shared with the global community, but only the associate team.
  7. Vendayan

    Need a noise algorithm

    I don't really know what exactly I'm looking for but the problem is that as i said I need it to smoothly transition and be "intelligently" designed. If patch 1,8 (x,y in terms of its worldmap position) is along a coast and patch 2,8 is said to be mountainous, the coastal patch should be able to blend itself so that it's terrain gets rougher upon getting closer to that neighboring patch. Rough transitions are extremely noticeable and ugly. For my particular project bad transitions could also potentially allow exploitation which I'd prefer to avoid.
  8. Vendayan

    borked age poll

    I'd agree. I've always been curious as to the age spread, but this really does reflect the survey in a pretty useless manner.
  9. Vendayan

    max value for DOUBLE ?

    Xyuri, it sounds like you're hitting a precision error. Keep in mind that even double floats can very very rarely ever be compared to one another for equality. This is because due to the fact that floats are only so precise, a few properties of mathmatics do not hold true for them.
  10. I have specific need for an algorithm that can generate noise for terrain heightmaps which should be extremely flexible in the patterns it would create. The tricky part is that is must be constrained to predefined values along the top and left sides of the map. I'd prefer to use the same algorithm for creating all different sorts of terrain from an arid desert, grassy plains or acrtic tundra to mountains, hills or cliffside shores. Although if I must I have no problem with using different algorithms for different terrain types, so long as they can still blend in with surrounding patches which have a different terrain type.
  11. Vendayan

    We are obsolete.

    Let me just say that if such a thing were even feasible, MS would have done it by now. Any API that is used for making any game imaginable will not be optimized half as well as an engine designed specifically for the game it is tasked with supporting. Even now when companies first sit down they have to decide, "Will we use an existing engine and reduce the costs of development or will we make a new engine geared specifically for what it needs to do, nothing less and no extra overhead to support things we don't want." Unless your API supports nothing more than, well... DirectX, it will have processing power spend redundantly on maintaining support for features that will never be used in most games. Processing power that could be spent on gameplay. Therefore your engine will never be cutting edge, and will never be accepted by the industry.
  12. Vendayan

    BSP Collision Issues

    Definately sounds like a precision problem perhaps.
  13. Vendayan

    DX Vertex Buffers

    I suppose it's probably completely up to the implementation to see how bad the hit will be, but can anyone at least point out some design problems I'm likely to face before I start coding away at this to find them the hard way?
  14. Vendayan

    DX Vertex Buffers

    Ok that clears the issue of reading ( or not reading in this case ) from the VB for collision, but as far as chunking data into multiple buffers, isn't that incredibly slow to work with? How bad of a speed hit am I likely to take if I'me using at least 9 chunks for an outdoor terrain scene and god only knows how many chunks for portal cells for an indoor scene. Unless I put multiple cells per chunk, but I imagine that might be able to get very ugly if the portal network gets complicated. Though I can, at least usually, assume that I won't be rendering objects from more than 4 chunks either indoor or outdoor at a time by using clever level design. [Edited by - Vendayan on April 1, 2006 11:01:04 PM]
  15. Vendayan

    DX Vertex Buffers

    Thank you kindly Ravuya. Still looking for any insight with this for those reading. Vendayan
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