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  1.   No, i use proper (not modified, setup from installation) debug compilation. Even when I create new project with simple "Hello World" variable it doesn't work...
  2. Hello!       Not long ago I switched from Visual Studio 2013 to new Visual Studio 2015. Everything went good, compiling and working on it, is much faster then before. Few new diagnostic tools, great! But... I have ugly problem which destroys everything. When I run my problem with debuger, breaks somwhere in the code, and try to look on my string variable, I can't see it's content. Instead of it, I see npos value=4294967295 and two (error) = 0. Other types of variables, even from my class works fine. Does anyone have same problem or know how to fix it?      Thanks!
  3. Hello.  it is possibly that i write it incorrect and you can't understand me. Here I created image showing what i trying to do:   I got red dots as polyline points. It is easy to create line through this dots. But i need to create polyline with width so I need to create it using triangles.But when i directly create it using only right vector i got errors on curves. Is there any algoritmic way to find vertex points for green triangles?
  4. Hello,   i need to create polyline using Triangles. I got points which lead through center of polyline. I need to generate vertexes and uv's for it. I'v got many problems with proper uvs on curves. Is there any algorithm available online for it?     sorry for my poor english.  
  5. Delli

    Assimp 3.1.1 and FBX

    Oki i found a way to upgrade to run it and got version 3.1.1. Now I'm trying to import Ogre .mesh file. But when I do, I got error: "Error occured: Mesh Version [MeshSerializer_v1.41] not supported by this importer. Run OgreMeshUpgrader tool on the file and try again. Supported versions: [ MeshSerializer_v1.8]". My question is, where I can find this tool?
  6. Hello!    I noticed that new Assimp from version 3.1  shoud open FBX files. So I tried to get new assimp library. I download windows binaries and copy libs and includes to my OpenGL project. Then I found problem that in GetExtensionList, I do not find this type of files. What shoud I do or change to get support for this files?
  7. Delli

    Deleted thread

    You show OBJ export options and speak about FBX exporter
  8. Hello everybody,   that's my first post on this forum, and I'm not native english speak, so please be kind to me . I'm trying to write some application to process images using OpenCV. I like WPF, so I decide to write user interface as a separate project (dll), and include it in my c++/cli project. But then, the main problem shows up. I have hard time trying to convert cv::mat to system::window::media::Imagesource^ data. The code below is best I can get. If loaded image is bitmap it pass switch but crash on return convert (becouse convertion fails), if i load JPG or PNG, file creating Bitmap fails. auto openDialog = gcnew SWF::OpenFileDialog(); auto result = openDialog->ShowDialog(); if( result == SWF::DialogResult::OK ) { cv::Mat img = cv::imread( ToStdString( openDialog->FileName ) ); ImageToDisplay = imageSourceFromCVMat( img ); } SWM::ImageSource ^ imageSourceFromCVMat( cv::Mat mat ) { System::IntPtr ptr( mat.ptr() ); System::Drawing::Bitmap ^ b; auto type = mat.type(); switch( mat.type() ) { case CV_8UC3: b = gcnew System::Drawing::Bitmap( mat.cols, mat.rows, mat.step, System::Drawing::Imaging::PixelFormat::Format32bppRgb, ptr ); break; case CV_8UC1: b = gcnew System::Drawing::Bitmap( mat.cols, mat.rows, mat.step, System::Drawing::Imaging::PixelFormat::Format8bppIndexed, ptr ); break; default: b = gcnew System::Drawing::Bitmap( mat.cols, mat.rows, mat.step, System::Drawing::Imaging::PixelFormat::Format24bppRgb, ptr ); break; } SWM::ImageSourceConverter ^ converter = gcnew SWM::ImageSourceConverter(); return( SWM::ImageSource ^ )( converter->ConvertFrom( b ) ); }  Hope, someone can help me find solution to this conversion.   Thank!   EDIT: Noone knows any way to convert it? Please someone :)
  9. Search for Unity, it's engine with all you mention, and you can write your extensions/scripts in c#
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