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    Problem with Unity

    Well that would make sense, would have never even thought of that haha, as I am pretty new to Unity. thanks, ill try it out 
  2. matt1221b

    Problem with Unity

    So ive started a unity tutorial and I exited the engine, when i reopen my project, nothing in the editor is there anymore - yes I saved it I know how that works - But I mean all my assets and materials and controllers still are in my folders and in the editor itself, but nothing is actually on the plane, and the plane doesnt exist anymore either.. Am I doing something wrong? after I was done working I just hit 'save' under the project that I named it, and when reopened I always get nothing in the scene, but folders and stuff are still there. This has happened numerous times also - thankfully nothing but a plane and a few boxes were lost..     
  3. I was recently guided towards a Unity/C# programming tutorial called Gamer To Game Designer.. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? 
  4. matt1221b

    GTGD s1?

    Hey,   Ive just started watching a tutorial called "game to game developer" using Unity and C#.  Has anyone else used this? I like it so far, just wondering if anyone has completed it
  5. Thanks, tons of help from everyone
  6. Thanks,   Yeah I took a java class and it felt like i could have learned everything on my own and then some in the same amount of time than the class took.  And no I dont expect to have some insane computer game in 13 weeks but Id hopefully get a better grasp than just getting a shape to print to screen.  I have seen some good tutorials out there its just trying to hunt them down.  thanks again
  7. So I want to begin learning c++, Ive used some python and ruby before, never got really into c++.. My question is, has anyone taken any C++ College Courses? The reason I ask is that I have about 18 months left in my software development program (champlain college - VT) and I have two C++ classes to take.  I would ideally like to get a good grasp on the basics before I get thrown into a fast paced class.   I am currently using "how to program in C++ for the absolute beginner" by Mark Lee.  I understand this may not be the best to begin with, but the way it makes you create small simple games holds my attention as opposed to a Java book I have that is mind-numbingly boring.    -What is a good, easy to read book or tutorial to help, I'm open for online tutorials and stuff like that as well   also, I would hopefully be able to create something other than just display a triangle or rectangle to the screen, which I have heard some people have taken programming classes and this seems like their big final project (though some of these people were in Information Systems and not strictly a software based degree)   also, if anyone is willing to 'mentor' or just kind of keep me on track, show me how they started and what small programs they started with, as far as people to reach out to professionally, I have nearly no one in my social or professional circle that understands any of this, nor would want to learn haha.   Any help would be great, thanks.
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