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  1. hey, so i have been using construct 2 and want to know how some people make their art and animations. this would be for 2d art and animations. so far i have been using paint and this is the best i can do http://gyazo.com/d30a52a4e4f5018b46bae824c1a36b97. i just draw the first frame then save it and use undo to delete the rotor and draw the next frame and save it some where else. is there a software to make this easy.
  2. hey! i have recently started making a game with a friend on unity, but its really hard to share the code. right now we just send the project file back and forth thru skype. but this means only one of us can code or test something at a time. is there any better ways other devs know so we can both code and work on the same file or something better.
  3. Tripple

    Best C# engine for beginners

    if i or some one would become really experienced with this engine would it be like starting all over again if they needed to one day change to a different engine that has different file structure and other options? or would it be easy to change from unity if i have learned to code and do other things in unity that can be used in any engine
  4. Tripple

    Best C# engine for beginners

    thank you so much! ;) u might get a nice dollar bill (with my name on it)
  5. Tripple

    Best C# engine for beginners

    that's exactly the answer i was looking for. thank you!    i was thinking like this. i really want to make something useful that u can play and people are willing to buy or download. just make things and practice programming untill i go to college and get a team to make games with.
  6. Tripple

    Best C# engine for beginners

    some one said unity is to advanced for beginners. i get overwhelmed when i see all the options and settings in unity. well that would go for any engine i guess. i'm not sure what to try if every thing i look at seems to hard or ill never do anything right. the truth is i don't really know what i want... i have so many questions and ideas but when i open a engine ide i feel like its to much and i cant do anything
  7. Tripple

    Best C# engine for beginners

    its just not. i'm not sure..i have used it and made all the tutorial games and everything, but it never felt right. like some one coding a language they don't like there is nothing wrong with the language but its just not for them.
  8. Hey i'm a beginner in C# but not in programming. and i'm looking for a way to learn C# but skip all the first steps like making console apps and stuff, mainly looking for a engine. i try'ed unity it was ok but not my style. i also try'ed paradox but it was way to advanced for the things i want to do.
  9. have you tryed using any game engines or sfml? if not you should because i think u know enough to make small games
  10. if you have steam http://store.steampowered.com/search/?developer=GTGD check out this tutorial series they are for C# and unity.
  11. yeah just start looking at tutorials for C# one day and for unity the next back and forth you will learn how to use unity and you will learn C# so you can make even more use of unity
  12. unity is a really easy to use engine you only need to know basics if u want to make simple games. but if you want to make something from just pure code you can try using library's for your code language.
  13. Tripple

    C++ starter

    hey i want to start reading more books for C++ i have read 2 beginner books and i want to get a C++ Standard Library book any recommendation's i would be buying a paperback or hard cover version of the book. i hate reading on phone or pc. on second thought i don't really want the standard Library i want to learn the actual language! so if any one knows a book to teach the actual language that would be great.
  14. Tripple

    C++ starter

    That is the best time to google and find what it means. C++ is complex and adding libraries to it doesn't help, but sticking purely to C++ means you aren't really growing your knowledgebase. Just go slow and take it easy. You will learn it with plenty of practice and a lot of patience.   thanks :D im reading tutorial books now and feeling good that i am not the only one who feels like this and every one has problems with new syntax and stuff.
  15. Tripple

    C++ starter

    Not necessarily. It depends on what you mean by getting a headache from not knowing what they are doing in their code.  Are you referring to parts of code like pointers, references, functions: int *ptrNum = nullptr; // a null pointer double someNumber = 24.3; double numberChanger(double &num) { ++num; return num; } // or the more complex things like template <typename Type> Type max(Type tX, Type tY) { return (tX > tY) ? tX : tY; } double testNumber = max(24.2, 45.6); Or the calls for using a library (pulled from SFML sprite tutorial): // position sprite.setPosition(sf::Vector2f(10, 50)); // absolute position sprite.move(sf::Vector2f(5, 10)); // offset relative to the current position // rotation sprite.setRotation(90); // absolute angle sprite.rotate(15); // offset relative to the current angle // scale sprite.setScale(sf::Vector2f(0.5f, 2.f)); // absolute scale factor sprite.scale(sf::Vector2f(1.5f, 3.f)); // factor relative to the current scale i think its mainly when i read syntax and functions that i dont know.
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