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  1. Make function faster (RGB-YUV)

    Do you have a reason for not using a shader?
  2. How explain dragging to a young user

    Are you sure the player must be able to scroll? Couldn't you make the camera fixed on the player instead? This could simplify the game for the young children.
  3. You can also try Java Applets, they are fast in both 2D and 3D.
  4. You will need files from the sdk to compile DirectX projects. So you better find a friend to download it for you and burn it on a DVD. The example projects in the SDK will also answer your questions. 3. The compiler does not load any images. It will only compile the code.
  5. Website/Portfolio Review

    I'm quite tired as well now so I will only comment some parts. The black background around the menu text looks odd. And maybe there should be some padding around the content-text. Why not put the resume online? Maybe as PDF. Nice use of youtube movies. :) But you could write some more info about the projects. For example what parts you did (if it was a done by a group). It doesn't say how many years you've been programming C++, this is often important. The sliding red headers does not always align properly in IE8. [edit] I recommend using wordpress for the homepage. So you can download a good template and tweak it easily. It's also much easier to keep a wordpress site alive compared to a "hard coded" one.
  6. Website/Portfolio Review

    I think you forgot to post the link?
  7. do/while loops

    while ( true) { input = ask_user(); if(!input.empty()) break; complain_to_user(); }
  8. Realism in RPGs

    Yes, I think many of them are needed to make a good RPG. The only RPG on PC I liked so far is Baldurs Gate (all versions). And it had these: Sleep Weather Item breakage Permanent Death Encumbrance Natural Healing and injury Corpses
  9. Have you tried running some example servlets to verify that Tomcat is setup properly? Do you put the jar in a folder that is added to the classpath for the servlet?
  10. Sphere

    Try using PIX to debug it. Since you're working with a state machine, a lot of things can go wrong if you just add the code in the middle of the game source code. You might need to reset shaders, culling, z-buffer and more.
  11. ways of "faking water"

    Here are some techniques to render and simulate water I've mentioned on my blog: http://www.gamerendering.com/category/water/ Maybe they can be of help for you.
  12. How are programming languages made?

    Here's some info about compiler construction (an old course I've taken): http://www.cse.chalmers.se/edu/year/2009/course/TDA282/lect01.pdf
  13. Problem with normal maps

    Could you post the shader code and a screen shot of what it looks like if you render out the normals to the screen?
  14. The only way I know to protect an online video would be to watermark it.
  15. Storing game world status

    If your game is using a scene graph for all objects, you can simply call save on the root node and let it traverse the tree and save all necessary data. This requires that all nodes (or classes inherited from it) have a proper save/load function.