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  1. JustAnEggplant

    Can you write mobile games in C++?

    Thank you all for your responses! I will definitely check out Cocos2d. If anyone else knows of a different better tool please let me know! 
  2. JustAnEggplant

    Can you write mobile games in C++?

    Thanks for the response! I will definitely check that out. Can you write the game entirely in C++ or does it require some Java/Objective-C?
  3. Hello! I am learning C++ and was curious if I could write iOS and Android games with the language. I heard that in Visual Studio 2015 it would allow for mobile game development with C++. If this is true what else would I need? Would I just need the Android NDK for Android or something else? What is my cheapest option if this is even possible? Would I need something other than Visual Studio? Thank you for your time! 
  4. JustAnEggplant

    In need of good resources!

    Thanks for the reply! As of now I have no intention of making 3D games, just simple casual ones. I'll definitely check it out.
  5. JustAnEggplant

    In need of good resources!

    Hello. I am trying very hard to learn Apple's new Swift language so I can make a game for the iPhone/iPad. I have much programming experience in Python, and a bit of dabbling in Java and C/C++ so while I'm certainly no pro I'm not a total noob to programming either. I want to make a simple casual game, nothing like Skyrim or anything like that. The problem is is that I can't find any good place to learn how to do this! I've learned the basics of Swift, but when it comes to game development I can't find any good resources. I've tried YouTube, and while there are some good tutorials, they often move too fast and are a bit too difficult to follow. I found pretty much nothing as far as good written tutorials that explain themselves well. Please, I'm sick of finding nothing. If you know of any good tutorials PLEASE let me know! I really don't want to give up on this. Thank you for your time.
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