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  1. Hi guys, yes we'd like to invest in advertising, and thank you for the feedback regarding the investment.   $2000 is not a huge amount indeed but if invested properly could dramatically improve the revenue. We are not aiming to invest in big studio games. Rather, we are focusing on small time indies which we believe have the potential to grow.   Which games are you developing?
  2. Playsmore, an innovative fun lab, is buying or investing in Android or Android Unity games.   * Any genre is acceptable so long as the gameplay is fun. * The app must already be published to the google play store * The game should include in-app purchasing options.  * We invest up to $2000 per game. * We're also interested in portfolios!   Submit your app in this thread or at playsmoregames@gmail.com Check us out at www.playsmore.com    
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