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  1. Half-man half-zombie robot? Isn't that a bit of overkill? Why not throw a bit of elf and some vampire in there too? I do like the overall idea, but I think one improvement you could make on it is simply by taking greater advantage of the alternate timeline. Instead of using the cliche AKs and bazookas and such, think about using fictional weapons that have developed for necessity of use... such as a pyrotechnic shotgun for killing zombies, or an EMP bolt gun for taking down robots? Being able to upgrade your character's robotic/bionic features would be good in an RPG-style game, as you suggested.
  2. golar

    Conlangs anyone?

    Funnily enough, I'm trying to make a conlang myself, but not for a game project (yet), just for a fantasy world design project. I've done one before, but I didn't document it properly and it wasn't believable, mainly because it was pretty much english in anagrams with a different alphabet. If you're still available to help, I could discuss it with you. I'm quite a way through the world design, and a bit of extra wisdom on the language side would be quite useful. My email address is Hope to hear from you kourosh. ;)
  3. golar

    Need Ideas for Game....

    If I were you, I'd make a drag racing game. It'd be really, really simple to implement in 2d, and the player could modify several different types of cars to race in. You could have advanced controls for acceleration, trying to balance the car between being a bloody fast drag racer and a full-on rocket. You could also have advanced braking controls, allowing the player to experiment with disc brakes and parachutes for slowing the car down. You could add other modes into it incorporating the straight road idea. One thing you could do is have a road dotted with speed cameras and have the player gain time bonuses by passing checkpoints in as little time as possible without getting ticketed by the speed cameras (ie. by slowing down to below the speed the cameras will catch you at). And the braking to a halt could be a sort of parking minigame, testing reflexes as you speed down a straight road and then have to brake when the parking space appears. Hope that hepls you.
  4. golar

    Game Story Scripts

    Quote:Original post by sunandshadow Movie or comic book script plus flowcharts for the branching parts. Do you have an example that you could show? This is something I've always had trouble with also... I tend to use a sort of bastard hybrid of screenplay format, prose and asterisk notes.
  5. golar

    Cel shading

    wow thanks! This is great news because I have worked with Ogre before.
  6. golar

    Cel shading

    Thanks for the info :-D Are there any engines that you might recommend that will make this possible/easier, or can you do it on pretty much any engine?
  7. golar

    An odd (?) question

    Yes, I mean a sprite, in that if you walk around it, it always faces you. What i was considering is having the sprite bounce whilst an animation makes it roll.
  8. golar

    An odd (?) question

    A short but odd question: Would it be possible to apply physics and gravity to a 2d object in a 3d world? I want to make things like boxes etc. look extremely primitive like in Wolfenstien and use a combination of 2d animations and real physics.
  9. I've recently come up for an idea for a game, but it requires cel shading to work. I know little about it, and I'm looking for a free engine that would support this technique. Could anyone please tell me a bit about the process and the engines that I should be looking for?
  10. golar

    Game script layout

    How about scripted in-game dialogue? For instance, two NPCs talking to each other. Does anyone know where I can find a document on screenplay format?
  11. golar

    Game script layout

    I'm currently writing a script for a project I am working on. However, I am not quite sure how a script should be laid out for a game... Does it follow the same pattern as a screenplay? Here is an example of my layout: THE CHARACTER (Whilst doing something): Speaks his dialogue here. And then performs a stage direction, whilst asking ANOTHER CHARACTER a question. ANOTHER CHARACTER: Responds. Is this correct?
  12. golar

    Ragdoll physics for a free project?

    Thanks a lot for that :) This should come in very useful.
  13. I've had an idea for a project, which I'm moving forward into conceptual stage now, but the factor of ragdoll physics is essential to the process. I'm not looking to have ragdoll physics up to the standards of the most advanced games (like DX2 or Doom 3), perhaps more to the standards of some of the first games that featured it (such as Hitman 2 or Dave Mirra's BMX), where limbs bend both ways and the ragdoll doesn't have any type of skeleton. Most importantly, the project will be unpaid for anyone involved, so I need a way to add in ragdoll physics without paying for an engine license. Are there any engines that I should aim to use?
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